Thursday, July 12, 2018

Eternal Assets for National Prosperity
President Kim Il Sung was the outstanding leader and the great revolutionary who devoted his all to the struggle for realizing the independence of the popular masses and laid solid foundations for the prosperity of the country and the nation in his life time.

In the course of vigorously advancing along the road of prosperity by braving every manner of historical vicissitudes, the Korean people keenly realize the preciousness and vitality of his ideas and exploits.

The President’s revolutionary ideology is the immortal banner that steers the Korean people to final victory.

His ideology is the perfect guiding idea of the revolution which integrates the man-centred philosophy and the revolutionary theory and leadership method as well. Thanks to the great Juche idea and the encyclopaedic ideo-theoretical guidelines for the revolution and construction, the DPRK has always emerged victorious in the unprecedentedly arduous revolutionary struggle without any vacillation for a long period.

Today, the Korean revolution makes steady progress under the banner of the great Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism. It advances along the road of Juche without the slightest deviation, and the Korean people are full of confidence as they are led by the great guiding ideology representing the entire history of the struggle for realizing the independence of the masses. Vigorous advancing along the road indicated by the great Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism, the DPRK is bringing about eye-opening achievements in which everything changes by morning and evening, reducing ten years to one.

The revolutionary spirit of self-reliance created by the President is a mighty sword for building a socialist power.

He carried out all challenging and gigantic tasks arising in the two revolutionary wars, the two rounds of social revolution and the unprecedented socialist construction on the principle of self-reliance. Under the leadership of the President with firm standpoint of Juche, the Korean people could complete socialist industrialization in a short period of 14 years and glorified the 1970s and the 1980s as the great heyday of socialist construction.

Their self-development-first spirit is based on the President’s revolutionary idea that a country must carry out the revolution on its own. The spirit of self-reliance serves as a strong impetus to achieving the greatest success in the worst conditions in defiance of trials and difficulties. All the valuable achievements made in the DPRK in recent years, including the construction of such modern streets as Ryomyong Street, model factories in the era of the knowledge economy, children’s palaces and bases for the people’s cultural and leisure activities, are the fruits of this spirit.

The precious patriotic legacies associated with the President’s whole life serve as the lasting foundations for the prosperity of the DPRK.

In the whole period of leading the revolution, he did everything he could do, looking far into the distant future. Even in the difficult and complicated situation after Korea’s liberation, he successfully accomplished the cause of building the Party, the state and the army and developed them into the powerful weapons for socialist construction in keeping with the requirements of the developing revolution. The greatest patriotic legacy bequeathed by Kim Il Sung is the Korean-style socialism, demonstrating to the whole world its might as the invincible socialism in which the leader, the Party and the masses are united with a single heart, the independent socialism that is strong in the Juche character and national identity and the people-centred socialism that the people’s beautiful dreams and ideals are translated into realities. Thanks to his great foresight and tireless efforts, the large contingent of sci-tech personnel has grown up and the foundations for building the independent national economy and the civilized nation have been cemented rock-solid.

As he followed the road of patriotism throughout his life, the DPRK is now exalting its might as the invincible politico-ideological power, the matchless military power and the youth power with a bright future. The revolutionary spirit of Paektu that serves as the valuable spiritual sustenance for the Korean people and the examples of revolutionary work methods and popular style of work for officials were also created by him. Today, the DPRK is achieving one victory after another in the drive to build a socialist power by carrying forward the tradition of victory associated with his ardent love for the country and matchless courage, generation after generation. This is the true image of Juche Korea.

All the assets left by Kim Il Sung serve as the cornerstone which guarantees the dignity and everlasting prosperity of the nation. Bright is the future of the DPRK which has the most precious patriotic legacy that no other nation can take.

Kim Il Sung’s nation and Kim Jong Il’s Korea will surely attain the goal of building the socialist power.

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