Wednesday, January 09, 2019

Japanese UN Ambassador's Rubbish Lambasted
Shortly ago, Japanese ambassador to the United Nations Bessho talked rubbish that the time is not yet ripe to apply an exception to the resolution of sanctions on north Korea and that he would appeal to various countries to strictly implement the sanctions resolution in contact with the US.

It seems that Japan has not yet been awakened from its year-long daydream about "sanctions and pressure."

The rubbish let out by Bessho only proves that he is ignorant of what is going on now.

Witnessing the situation of the Korean peninsula which has undergone a dramatic change this year, the international community keenly realized the significance of peace and stability in the region.

The world has chosen this year's political situation of the Korean peninsula as the greatest event, appreciating the proactive and positive steps taken by the DPRK for peace and stability.

Many countries have turned out in the efforts for dialogue and new relations with the DPRK and the calls for relaxing and lifting the sanctions on the DPRK are getting louder worldwide. This is drawing the public attention.

NHK reported that China, Russia and other countries are raising their voices requesting the sanctions committee to examine the apply of an exception to the sanctions resolution on north Korea amid the brisk dialogue between north Korea and other countries.

This shows that dialogue and peace are an irresistible trend of the times and a realistic way to give steady continuity to the current climate of detente.

But Japan is swimming against this.

It is keen on spouting such trite-wicked words as "sanctions and pressure" and remains unchanged in its policy of confrontation with the DPRK.

Japan, a political dwarf which has come under bitter denunciation and rejection by the international community for its bad habit of seeking benefits in the troubled waters, dares to challenge the strong trend of peace and stability in the region. This is, indeed, ridiculous.

Japan had better control its tongue, aware of where it stands in the international arena.

Regretfully, Japan cannot take part in the dialogue over the issue of the Korean peninsula. This is because it is bat-blind in politics.

Continuing impudent remarks only betray the awful design of the Abe cult to disturb peace and security by interfering in the regional issue.

If Japan persistently goes against the trend of the times, it will never escape the fate of isolation in discussing the issues of the Korean peninsula, the region and the world.

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