Tuesday, September 14, 2021

CNN’s Journalist Becomes Fake Humera Massacre News Generator

September 14, 2021


ADDIS ABABA – Having seen recent made-up story about fake Humera massacre by CNN’s Nima Elbagir, many have twitted that Nima and her leading actor in the story have proved the world that they are one of the best fake news generators in the globe.

CNN, therefore, should apologize officially the Ethiopian government for the ongoing several fabricated reports and defamation campaigns through retracting the story.

For instance, Ethiopian American Civil Council (EACC) Chairperson, Deacon Yoseph Romanwork Tafari, twitted that the recent CNN fabricated report was a collaborative work with member of terrorist TPLF who had committed human right crimes in Wolkait and fled to Sudan. The commemorative cap as shown on the CNN video was issued to TPLF loyal members. Therefore, CNN needs to retract and apologies Ethiopian government.

Pan Africanist, Yohannes Admasu on his part twitted that […] is not new, but the sheer volume of it, the constant flood of misleading stories, and outright disinformation about Ethiopia, Tigray war by CNN and Nima Elbagir has increased recently. But other news media networks and Google search didn’t pick the story.

Medical Doctor and Epidemiologist Ermias Belay stated in his tweet that it is a greater love and no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends. He added that [CNN] works with a terrorist group to blame the Ethiopian gov’t that is protecting lives from being terrorized by terrorist TPLF.

This similar group has massacred civilians in Chena Massacre and CNN is throwing that under the rug. It masked by Newsweek and others.

In his tweet Wubneh Mulugeta asked: “Why CNN is interested in the terrorist groups? Leaving sovereign country’s legitimate government timely update and information? “We Ethiopians don’t allow interference of world companies with our internal affairs! CNN stop using fabricated report and mislead the world, pity!”

The Ethiopian Herald September 14/2021

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