Tuesday, September 14, 2021

South Sudan Says Peace in Ethiopia is Peace for Africa

September 14, 2021

ADDIS ABABA – In an exclusive interview with FBC, Ambassador of South Sudan to Ethiopia, James Pitta Morgan asserted that peace in Ethiopia is peace for Africa calling the country one of the most important nation in the region.

“South Sudan is the closest country to Ethiopia. The peoples of the two countries share many things in common. Going back to our struggle, we can find out that South Sudan became an independent in 2011 with the support of the Ethiopian people. The two countries have better people to people relationships, we South Sudanese people consider Ethiopia as our second home,” the Ambassador noted.

“We are one people living in two countries. We have seen Ethiopia has gone through some difficulties, but as an old country, it has deep-seated mechanisms to solve its problems. Ethiopia should live in peace among itself for sake of the whole region,” he added.

Ambassador Pitta Morgan reaffirmed commitment of South Sudan to help Ethiopia overcome the problem it is facing now.

Ethiopia can easily address GERD issue by itself, he said, calling all the three countries to support the initiative by the Ethiopian side peacefully resolve dispute over the Nile  River.

“All the three countries must understand that Nile is the gift of nature to the region. It should be the source of cooperation among riparian countries. Countries in the region should celebrate this gift of nature.”

Regarding the Ethiopia-Sudan border dispute, the Ambassador noted that the two countries are matured enough to solve their problems through peaceful mechanisms.

Ethiopia is the oldest country in this region. Our wish always is that the prevalence of peaceful coexistence and development in this country. Our people in the region need development. We need to look into peace.

He explained that if countries of the region are able to resolve their problems peacefully, they can develop infrastructure and be economically integrated and prospered.

The Ambassador expressed his confidence that ten years from now, the region will be peaceful and economically integrated.

Prosperity, love and peaceful co-existence among all the Ethiopian communities and the neighboring countries is needed for wellbeing of the entire region, he stressed.

Ethiopia and South Sudan signed MoU in infrastructural development such as road to foster socio economic benefit among peoples of the two nations, Ambassador Pitta Morgan said.

“We are looking into the great picture of integrating the larger region. The agreement prioritizes regional economic integrity. The roads will provide means to the market. The region itself will economically develop. Problems mostly happen due to lack of connectivity, when we come together and ensure free movement, things will be different. Internal matters can easily be resolved when there is development and prosperity,” he added.

Economic integration and infrastructural connectivity would help the region be able to be fitting enough to the agenda 2063, he underscored.

The Ethiopian Herald September 14/2021

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