Friday, March 13, 2009

African Unity Core of ANC Foreign Policy


Unity of the African continent, both politically and economically, will remain the ANC's major foreign policy thrust, says party president Jacob Zuma.

Addressing foreign diplomats in Pretoria on Wednesday, Zuma said the ANC aimed to strengthen the country's role in peace, reconstruction, development and integration, especially in southern Africa and the African continent. This was according to notes released by the ANC on Thursday. Wednesday's meeting was closed to the media.

"We must emphasise what our icon, former President Nelson Mandela said in 1992 that the primary task of the ANC's international policy was to be a friend to every nation in the world.

"We will therefore continue to explore and deepen our multilateral and bilateral relationships globally."

He added that the ANC had a "clear plan" to fight poverty, crime and other social ills in the world.

"We seek the partnership of the international community as we work to achieve our goals.

"We will therefore be strengthening our economic relations on both a South-South and North-South level."

According to Zuma the ANC government sought to strengthen its
multilateral relations and work together with the south for a more equitable distribution of power.

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