Tuesday, May 10, 2011

NATO Bombed and Killed 913 African Immigrants Off the Coast of Libya


Press Release
May 10, 2011


On Friday April 22, 2011 as part of terrorist al-Qaeda agenda to liquidate Black communities in Libya, the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) bombed a passenger boat off the Libyan coast, brutally killing 913 African immigrants on board. The attack which was ruthlessly executed by French war planes was also intended to stop the Africans from entering the European soil. The victims mostly are women, children and parents, as well the boat’s captain and four assistants.

The attack was a big tragedy for Africa and black people everywhere, and humanitarian disaster. Earlier, the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) reported that 600 people were killed in what the refugee agency said the boat capsized in the Mediterranean. But our sources and other credible reports at our disposal intimated that 913 African immigrants died in the NATO’s deliberate bombing of the passenger boat.

Since the brutal invasion of Libya in February this year, by terrorist al-Qaeda , NATO and the Gulf Cooperation Council ( i.e. the US, Britain, France, Italy, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and now Australia), more than 2 million people have fled the country and at least 75, 000 civilians brutally murdered. African immigrants, like everyone else in Libya are caught up in unprecedented campaign of terror, and have been targeted for extermination for false allegation that they are mercenaries fighting on behalf of Muammar Qathafi.

African immigrants have not experienced anything like deliberate targeting of their communities in Libya since the dawn of the Great Al-Fateh Revolution of 1st September, 1969 inspired by Muammar Qathafi. Thousands have been brutally and extra-judicially executed in Benghazi and more have left Libya since the invasion, fearing for their lives and of their love ones.

Despite these unprecedented bloodshed, carnage and race genocide, the US, Britain, France, Italy, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Australia have not relented their crusade attacks and indiscriminate bombing of towns and cities across Libya. Not even the United Nations Security Council is willing to reconsider its seditious resolution 1973 and other anti-African, anti-Libyan, anti-Qathafi, anti-blacks policy. The Libyan Government too has been targeted for destruction, and its leadership top of NATO agenda for assassination.

The silence and I don’t care attitude of the United Nations, as well as the African Union’s (AU) bland and utterly ineffectual statements have led to African immigrants in Libya to feel been abandoned to perish under terrorist al-Qaeda/NATO crusade attacks, and race-motivated killings. Libya belongs to black people as much to them as to anyone else, and it would be a tragedy if the North African state is stripped of its black population. Without a concerted effort by African leaders to protect and defend the noble rights of blacks, history would judge the AU as a gigantic complicit in terrorist al-Qaeda/NATO crusade attacks and catastrophic act of race-cleansing in Libya, and other territories on the continent.

The position of the African Union is not nearly enough to get the kind attention of the civilized world. What is needed from the African Union is a firm position reacting specifically to al-Qaeda/NATO’s crusade attacks, which are directed and aimed at ridding Libya of its black communities and warning the descendants of Adolf Hitler (i.e. the US, Britain, France, Italy, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and now Australia) that there will be dire consequences to their continuing wanton murder and crusade attacks on black communities across Libya.

What is happening in Libya is a total war of race-cleansing, plain and simple.

This must stop now!

Sender; Alimamy Bakarr Sankoh

President of the Hugo Chavez International Foundation for Peace, Friendship and Solidarity (HCI-FPFS)

For and on behalf of the Hugo Chavez International Foundation for Peace, Friendship and Solidarity (HCI-FPFS)

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