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Thousands Denounce Sanctions in Zimbabwe

Thousands denounce sanctions

Friday, 13 May 2011 22:19

By Tendai Mugabe
Zimbabwe Herald

THOUSANDS of people gathered at Mount Carmel School in Headlands yesterday to show their opposition to the western- imposed illegal sanctions regime.

The rally came at a time when the Government has announced that the campaign had exceeded expectations with 2.2million signatures having been collected nationwide, way above the 2 million that had been targeted.

Indications are that the remaining 800 000 forms may not be able to meet the demand from people willing to express their displeasure at the western embargo.

The African Union, Sadc, Comesa and the Non Aligned Movement have all slammed the sanctions that are the major outstanding issue to the implementation of the Global Political Agreement.

These organisations urged all Africans to unite against Western machinations of neo colonialism.

Cde Basil Nyabadza, who spoke on behalf of the Manicala-nd business community, said African countries were under siege from Westerners who wanted to plunder the continent's vast resources.

"We are in big trouble where Western Governments are sponsoring banditry in North Africa and in Zimbabwe. Don't be deceived to think that they want (Mr Morgan) Tsvangirai and his MDC-T. They are after our resources," he said.

Acting chief Makoni, Nyahana Makoni said: "Sanctions are affecting our agricultural system. Some banks that used to support farmers like Agribank are now incapacitated.
"Sanctions are affecting people, especially those in rural areas because we rely on farming but we are failing to access inputs.

"Last year, we were bailed out by President Mugabe through his Presidential Input Scheme."

Government intends to take the anti-sanctions petition to Sadc, relevant international organisations such as the UN and countries that imposed the illegal embargo.

The rally was also attended by Zanu-PF Politburo members and provincial chairpersons.
Zanu-PF secretary for administration Cde Didymus Muta-sa and national commissar Cde Webster Shamu hailed Zimbabweans for sending a clear meesage that the sanctions are not welcome.

Turning to elections earmarked for this year, Cde Shamu said Zanu-PF members who are already campaigning for different positions before the announcement of primary election dates will be disqualified.

Cde Mutasa urged party members to shun factionalism and divisions ahead of general elections set for this year.

"If you are already campaigning now in Zanu-PF, you are going against the party.

"We shall announce primary election dates and when that time comes, we will disqualify you.

"If you say you want to stand for a certain position, we will ask you what you intend to do for the people and if you are a returning candidate, we will ask you to present what you have done for the people," he said.

Cde Shamu reiterated that general elections were going to be held this year, adding that it was the only way to end the inclusive Government.

"We are going to elections this year to choose who should rule this country between President Mugabe who fought for the liberation of this country and those who are carrying the flag of colonialism.

"We want to remove this Government of cohabiting and elections are the only way we can do away with the debilitating illegal sanctions upsetting our economy," said Cde Shamu.

He said party members should avoid the 2008 harmonised elections scenario where in some constituencies party members contested against each other like what happened in Makoni West between Cdes Joseph Made and Nation Madongorere.

Cde Shamu said Zanu-PF was not a violent party, but a torchbearer of peace and tranquility.

He said it was MDC-T which had a culture of violence as witnessed by events that characterised the party's provincial elections ahead of its congress.

On factionalism, the party's secretary for administration said there were rumours of the (Emmerson) Mnangagwa and (Joice) Mujuru factions.

He said party members should rally behind President Mugabe whom he said was the trump card of the party.

"We hear that there is the Mnangagwa and the Mujuru factions. We are saying if there is anyone who is in one of these factions should come back and join President Mugabe. We have one party and one leader," he said.

He urged all Africans to unite against Western machinations of neo colonialism.

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