Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Military Council Refuses to Relinquish Control in Egypt

All in good time: Army refuses to relinquish control of Egypt

CAIRO, EGYPT Jul 12 2011 14:27

Egypt's ruling military council insisted on Tuesday that it would not cede control over the transition from ousted president Hosni Mubarak's regime amid mounting anger over its handling of it.

"The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces stresses that it will not renounce its role in managing the affairs of the country during this critical time in Egypt's history," SCAF member Mohsen al-Fangary said in a speech broadcast on state television.

In a stern address, Fangary warned those who "deviate from the peaceful approach during demonstrations and sit-ins and obstruct the institutions of the state".

He also warned against spreading rumours that "damage the nation and threaten its stability."

Fangary reiterated the military council's timetable of holding parliamentary elections followed by the drafting of a Constitution and then a presidential election.

Fangary spoke as hundreds camped out in the main squares of Cairo, Alexandria and Suez to demand political change.

Protesters who first took to the streets to demand Mubarak's resignation have increasingly directed their anger at the military.

The armed forces, which were hailed as heroes at the start of the January 25 uprising for not shooting on protesters, have come under fire for using Mubarak-era tactics to stifle dissent and maintain an absolute grip on power. -- Sapa-AFP

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