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Zimbabwe on Election Crossroad

Zim on election crossroad

Monday, 04 July 2011 01:00
By Caine Humanikwa
ZImbabwe Herald

The West, which I hear, calls itself "The International Community" is the worst notorious wealth hunter and the path on which it walks is strewn with trails of blood, cries, death, disasters, great suffering, pain and poverty and uses brutal tactics to achieve its so called permanent interests.

It does so without any grain of shame in the eyes of the regional, continental and various international bodies such as Sadc, Comesa, AU, UN and many others.

For over 100 years, Zimbabwe has been an attractive, fertile and safe hunting ground but this has caused the brave people of this country to fight the Rhodesians in three great Chimurenga Wars.

And now, the enemy is using lies, puppets and sanctions to effect regime change - a very crude military tactic against civilian government.
It has become common knowledge that the West is a dangerous and difficult enemy to contain.

The Third Great Chimurenga is the Zimbabwean Revolution's unfinished business to economically empower the people of this country, consolidate the gains of the revolution and totally take challenge of the Zimbabwean space, a God given gift.

Zanu PF, a revolutionary party, is the target because it declared that land is the economy, angering the West.

The West has always regarded black Africans as second class citizens, an inferior race and that Zimbabwe is too special to belong to us.

If elections are held now, the scales are heavily tipped against the West which has now lost the grip to meddle in the internal affairs of this country.

In fact, the West has since discovered that the failure to effect regime change is largely attributable to the puppet and sellouts that they have generously funded.

On the other side of the coin, these guys from the wilderness have turned the West their pot of gold, a good source of income.

With this failure, the West now knows it was duped, milked to the bone and misled that the revolution could be uprooted; it has become apparent that elections will be Zimbabwe's weapon of mass destruction and now all hell has broken loose.

Now the puppets and sellouts go all over the world lying that Zimbabwe is not ready for elections citing fictitious and imaginary gross breakdown of the rule of law, democracy, human rights and violence and then calls for competent external interference from the West -same common enemy.

In this case Zimbabweans are still being regarded as a people who cannot handle their own affairs even with more than 31 years of Independence.

In fact the present day freedoms that we are enjoying are a result of the Great Second Chimurenga.

These freedoms were, earlier on, a privilege for a small bully white minority race, the Rhodesians which had completely cut off from the majority indigenous black people of this country.

In this war, ragging gun battles were the order of the day until the white colonialists were bulldozed to restore our freedom.

And it is this war that gave birth to the Third Great Chimurenga.

The revolution has taught Zimbabweans to be their own liberators and to be brave to fight against this same enemy and to that effect, Zimbabwe is now like the proverbial bird in one of Chinua Achebe's novel's where the bird learnt to fly without perching because the hunter practiced to shoot without missing.

The chances to reverse the gains of the revolution and effective regime change seem to be stunningly fading into a place where the bright morning sun is rising from the east to warmly welcome Zimbabwe towards an unhindered nation building.

The current events have exhibited excellent qualities of patriotism of the brave sons and daughters who fought to liberate this country, vana mukoma, who continue to shine the wisdom of the revolution and walk on the passage of dignity especially now when we have seen them presiding over matters of development.

They must be given enough respect than to tint them in bad light regarding them as mere war veterans.

They were able to make this country a safe place to live. Their lives revolve around acute vigilance and can pick enemy details from afar and experience the brutality and ruthlessness of the Rhodesian forces.

They are quite aware that the revolution is all about the people of this country's common good and that is why they put up their fists to hammer the West white face.

These are the people who would want to see elections held this year and also the reason why they are hated so much by the West.

Amazingly, in our midst, there is a less spoken group on the Zimbabwean landscape, a glaring reality about the overprotected Rhodies who do not even know how these sanctions hurt.

In these tough turbulent times, the kith and kin have never stopped holidaying in Nyanga, Victoria Falls, Kariba, clubbing in hotels or abroad.

We have never seen them queuing for bread or petrol neither selling tomatoes to improve family incomes or buying from our shops or commuting on our roads or participating in our national events like burying our national hero or heroine or supporting the national soccer team the Warriors.

Their activities are completely divorced from the entire population. They are waiting for the rain to fall on one good day which will never come in a solid 100 years.

So much has been said about the restoration of the rule of law, democracy and human rights and a plain way to return the land to the Rhodies.

In turn, the rowdy boys from the wilderness have begun to strangely disregard our own rule of law, democracy and human rights and have become violent against their own kind to reverse the progress of the revolution, it's a pity.

The Rhodies have never been at peace with the rest of the population and are boiling with anger because the pace to effect regime change is moving painfully slowly and the success of it all is becoming so remote.

With thousands of sellouts, the media puppets among them countless civic organisations both local and international are swarming over the revolution to receive financial or material hefty handouts for distorting the real social, political and economic situations in this country to the unsuspecting world.

This money spinning game has now almost come to an end - the West is dry.

Zimbabwe is an educated country and very enlightened and is aware that the enemy is using dirty tactics to propagate the roots of war, an uprising to effect regime change and install a puppet government whose job to ensure that the Rhodies are back and their human rights, rule of law and democracy is restored.

Zvakamboitika kupi izvozvo? Zimbabwe is too good to be messed that way.

Caine Humanikwa is a teacher who writes in his own capacity.

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