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Libya Liberation Front Formed to Resist Imperialist-led NTC Regime

Wednesday, 26 October 2011 00:14

Libya Liberation Front Formed To Carry Out Iraq Style Resistance Featured

The Libyan Liberation Front (LLF) seems to be in formation in Libya and outside the country in a bid to carry out an Iraq-style resistance, targeting the rebel regime and is headed by Saif al Islam Gadhafi, the surviving son of Muamar Gadhafi.

Saif (who is apparently leaving Libya for Niger) reportedly sent a letter to the 'Seven days news' agency indicating his intention to carry out a violent campaign to avenge the killing of his father, Muamar Gadhafi and his brother Muatassim Gadhafi.

He added that "I came back to launch a campaign that will make their day and night life in hell, and sow death around them, wherever they are (talking of the rebels). I was always a believer in the defense of Libya, and the vengeance of traitors and criminals who have shown their true faces to the world,"

"I am at this historic moment and I try to clear things up, because some people believe everything is finished, then it all started today. I call on all believers of my business, who share my love of Libya honest, there are many who share with me the pain of losing a loved one, there are many, who share my pain, revenge and duty of resistance, I invite them to not get lost the crown, but to recover lost Libya, to recover the lost honor."

The Liberation Front has claimed its first acts on Libyan soil with the blowing of a petrol reserve in Sirte. The explosion has caused the death of more than a 150 rebel militamen and wounded more than a 100 says some reports. The Front said this was the begining of the revengeful campaign against the NTC, that will also target Tripoli and Benghazi as well as places like Misrata.

In this statement, he clearly indicate that it will not be about regaining power in the country for the moment as this will surely be a monumental task. The only way forward for the pro-Gadhafi resistance seem to be to attack the oil fields, the rebel elements 'in their cars or homes' as Saif stated and the regime itself. As in all resistance to pro-U.S. regimes, the LLF will surely act undergroun and launch a sort of guerilla warfare but to what extent will this warfare take ground in Libya is not known for now.

Saif al-Gaddafi has concluded: Muammar Gaddafi May God have mercy on him forbade us to burn and we could do that, and it was forbidden to burn the oil wells and I even suggested before the fall of Tripoli to blow up the airport but he refused, but now that protects us? I will burn until the smile returns to the lips of my mother Safia El Hadja and my sister Aisha will rejoice and ululations and joy until the heart is for each lot of pain in Libya.

Saif al-Gaddafi said the rebels set fire and they will have to bear the fire, they have shed the blood, then there will be a river of blood, we will never forgive, even if NATO not withdraw from Libya, it can never protect them in their homes, their cars and their parties and in their workplaces.

The rebels are not brave and they will never be a martyr and Moatassem Gaddafi has shown their worth and their brigades Moatassem will be more.

I am the son of my father. The brother of Moatassem and I am the son of Libya. I am one of thousands who have inherited the injury and revenge, and we will not respect the blood of the martyrs of Libya, if we do not pursue their assassins everywhere, until the land shrinks around them.

The faithful of the Libyan people, I say, if we fall, we could do it before you pay all that money, but now we have long since passed the line of no return. We passed through the blood that flowed and the attempt to despise the great men who can kneel to God only.

It is understood that the Algerian government has decided, in the wake of the brutal murder of Gadhafi and his son, associates; not to deport the wife, daughter and other members of the Gadhafi surviving family. The family left for Algeria on 29th August after the fall of Tripoli.

News agencies also reported that the Gadhafi family, possibly including Saif al-Islam, will be living in South Africa where it is said they are more than welcomed!

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