Monday, March 19, 2012

Mayor Bing Sends Detroit City Council a Draft Counter-proposal to State Consent Agreement

Bing sends City Council a draft counter-proposal for a consent agreement with state

4:44 PM, March 19, 2012
By Suzette Hackney
Detroit Free Press Staff Writer

Detroit Mayor Dave Bing this afternoon released a statement that his administration had completed a counter-proposal draft to Gov. Rick Snyder’s proposed consent agreement that would give the city the appropriate tools to address its financial crisis and preserve the rights of Detroiters to be governed by elected officials.

Bing said his draft, called a Financial Stability Agreement, was sent to City Council members Sunday night. Bing said his executive staff will meet with Council members over the next couple of days to get their feedback to complete a final draft this week.

“As I’ve said repeatedly, I have no problem accepting help from the state, and this agreement includes an advisory board that provides the state a vehicle to monitor the city’s progress,” Bing said in the statement. “This draft agreement also includes a mechanism to establish a budget and limit spending, while providing reporting obligations to the board.

“But this counter-proposal purposefully shifts from the language of a consent agreement by recognizing the current legal vulnerabilities of Public Act 4,” Bing continued. “It is designed to provide a reliable road map for the city and state to collaborate in resolving the city’s short-term cash flow challenges and long-term structural changes.”

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