Sunday, March 04, 2012

Sudan Prepares for Oil Talks With the South

Sudan Vision News


Government Readies for Addis Ababa Oil Talks

Khartoum – A new round of talks between Sudan and South Sudan is scheduled to kick off Tuesday in the Ethiopian Capital of Addis Ababa as part of ongoing efforts to resolve oil dispute, with the Sudanese Government reportedly considering options it intends to table before the talks.

Spokesperson of the Sudanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs Al-Obeid Murawah told reporters that the talks, mediators planned to continue for ten days, would focus on oil issue only, adding that the Sudanese delegation would comprise four members headed by Idriss Abdul Gadir, minister at the Presidency.

Al-Obeid expects the mediation to submit to the two parties a compromise combining the commercial and the transitional options. He said demonstration of a political will by the South and its delegation is a prerequisite for success of talks, affirming Sudan’s desire to find a solution to the issue.

During the previous talks, the Government delegation submitted a proposal of $36 being transportation fees against each barrel but it was rejected by the South Sudan negotiators.

Sudan negotiating team member Al-Zubair Ahmed Al-Hassan said their delegation is considering important strategic arrangements expected to contribute towards finding a solution to the oil dispute.

“The upcoming round of talks is preceded by lengthy study and consultations on the possibility of reaching solutions and the Sudanese government delegation is fully prepared to exert maximum possible efforts to settle the outstanding issues between the two parties” he said.

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