Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez Fully on the Road to Recovery

Havana. March 5, 2012

Chávez fully on the road to recovery

"My recuperation is marked and sustained, thanks to God, the Virgin and the Saints for all their support, to medical science, to Fidel and Raúl," affirmed President Hugo Chávez during a special program from Havana, broadcast yesterday, March 4, by Venezolana de Televisión.

Chávez stated that, as was anticipated, the two-centimeter lesion detected and totally removed – in the same place where a tumor was removed in mid-2011 – "was a recurrence of the initially diagnosed cancer."

However, he confirmed that anatomopathological studies discounted the existence of metastasis or any other kind of lesion, and announced that once his initial recovery and cicatrization is completed, he is to undergo radiotherapy.

After noting that his general state of health is very favorable, the president said that his vital signs are normal, he has no fever or infection, cicatrization is proceeding well, digestive functions are normal and he has already started physiotherapy sessions.

"For those reasons, we feel very optimistic, he emphasized, "Thanks to God, a good diagnosis and prompt surgery.

The leader of the Bolivarian Revolution thanked the Cuban people for their support and his counterparts in the region for their solidarity.

He added that they had laughed at rumors concerning his health and divisions within his government team. "We are more united every day, especially in the wake of 2002."

Chávez was accompanied during his one-hour television appearance by a number of members of his executive, with whom he discussed various governmental matters. (SE)

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