Friday, November 02, 2012

International Journalists Meet in Iran to Condemn Bans on Satellite Broadcasts in Europe

PUIW 2ND Meeting Condemns Halting Broadcast of Some Islamic Countries' Satellite Channels

Nov 02, 2012

TEHRAN, (SANA)- The 2nd Meeting of the Press Union and News Agencies of the Islamic World (PUIW), which concluded activities in Tehran on Friday, stressed that Palestine is the heart of the Islamic world and defending it is the strategy of this world.

The participants in the meeting, including Syria, condemned the hegemony powers' interference in the internal affairs of the Islamic countries as those countries' peoples are the only ones to decide their destiny by themselves.

They also condemned halting the broadcast of the satellite channels of some Islamic countries, stressing that this act contradicts the international resolutions and the freedom of expression.

The participants expressed strong denunciation of affronting the Islamic sanctities, highlighting the role of media in Islamic Sahwa (awakening).

The PUIM second meeting was held in coincidence with the 19th International Press and News Agencies Exhibition which is continuing in the Iranian capital with the participation of Syria.

In his opening speech, Iranian Vice President, Mohammad Reza Rahimi, highlighted the importance of the PUIW meeting in light of the creative and pivotal role media plays in dealing with the crucial issues in the face of the conspiracies of the enemies of Islam under the current international developments.

He voiced regret that the news agencies, websites and newspapers in the Islamic world are under the Zionist domination, saying it is necessary that the PUIW take steps towards finding an international news agency in the Islamic world.

On the sidelines of the meeting, Rahimi stressed to the Syrian delegation his country's support to Syria's government and people being on the frontline of resistance, voicing confidence that Syria will achieve victory thanks to the wisdom of its leadership and unity of its people.

Director General of the Syrian Arab Advertising Establishment, Majed Halimeh, said in an interposition the meeting acquires a great importance, given its timing and place, under the frenetic and unfair campaign launched against the Islamic world, particularly Syria and Iran.

He asserted that the US and the Zionist entity, and some of their regional allies, are behind this campaign that is aimed at undermining the steadfastness of Syria and Iran and marring their image in the eyes of their people and the world people under known pretexts.

Halimeh affirmed that Syria, with its leadership, army and the unity of its people, will continue confronting the aggression facing it and the terrorist groups until achieving victory.

H. Said

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