Friday, November 02, 2012

Somalians Detained After US-led Military Commander is Killed in Shabelle

Thursday, November 1st, 2012 at 10:26 pm

Somalia: Several held in connection with Somalian military commander’s killing in Shabelle region

Marka (RBC)

The government officials in Marka town of lower shabelle region announced on Thursday that they have arrested several people in Marka town in a joint security operations carried out by police forces and national security agencies in connection of the killing of a senior military commander, Gen. Mohamed Ibrahim farah Gardon who was killed in an ambush attack by Al-shabab militants on Sunday.

Abdi Salam Mohamed Abdulle, the deputy governor of Shabelle region who spoke to the local media said, they have detained three suspects held at Marka custody suspected of being behind for the killing of the Gen. Gordon who was the commander of fifth brigade of the Somali national army.

He added that these people were caught in a joint operations conducted in Marka town, the regional capital city of lower shabelle region and its surrounding areas.

The slain commander and three other officers were killed in an ambush attack when Al-shabab fighters attacked military convoy they were traveling in as they slew in the shoot out.

Somali government announced it will revenge for the killing of the commander and will pursue those behind for the perpertration.

It is not uncommon, that Somali military commanders are killed in Somalia, on Wednesday a senior military commander was killed in Beledweyn by armed gangs after the slain officer removed a roadblock mounted illegally by the gangs and he was killed in the shoot out.

Meanwhile scores were arrested on Thursday in Beledweyn town in connection of the killing of the military commander, Mumin maxamud Mohamed in joint operations carried out by the police forces and Somali national army.

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