Sunday, February 03, 2013

Jordanian Hospitals Stop Treating Patients From Counter-revolutionary Libya

Jordanian hospitals stop treating Libyans

Tripoli, 3 February 2013:

Jordan’s Private Hospitals Association decided today, Sunday, that it will no longer accept Libyan patients if their treatment is being paid for by the US-backed rebel Libyan authorities.

The move follows on-going disputes between Jordan and Libyan rebels over the amount owed to Jordanian hospitals and hotels for the treatment of wounded Libyan counter-revolutionaries and the accommodation of their families.

Offering an interim payment of 5 percent for outstanding hospital bills and 10 percent for hotels while awaiting forensic examination of the invoices, Libya last week paid Jordan $37 million. However, the association claims that it is not enough. It claims that hospitals alone are still owed $204 million.

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