Sunday, February 03, 2013

Sudan Opposition's Self-Destructive Game

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The Opposition's Self-destructive Game

Last week, the Sudanese opposition forces launched fierce attack on the ruling National Congress, accusing it of political failure addiction.

Commenting on accusations by the National Congress, Head of the politburo in the Popular Congress Party, Kamal Omar said the NCP's accusations are targeting the entire nation which is represented by the opposition forces, reiterating that opposition will never give up without toppling the government.

This fierce attack is not new. The opposition is accustomed to attack the National Congress. The attack came following the unprecedented political mess resulted from the opposition's endorsement of the new dawn charter and its unexpected implications.

According to him, the opposition still represents the Sudanese people. But before going deeper into his statement, we have to ask who has trusted Omer to be in charge of information committee of the opposition. The man is famous for his fiery and uncontrolled statements which have inflicted his party heavy loss. He has made many statements which were negative to his party and the opposition and were in favour of the government.

The opposition's reneging on the charter is not quite enough. It has to take serious action against the Sudanese Revolutionary Front, the main factor behind its heavy political loss.

The opposition forgives no words uttered by the National Congress while it deals leniently and tolerantly with SRF despite the great political damage.

What is the purpose of attacking the National Congress?. The opposition knows that the ruling Party can invest the opposition's dishonorable stance and fatal mistake to get rid of it forever.

Omer will be more logical if he uses the "fooling" instead of "representing" the Sudanese people. The charter whose inked haven't dried yet has called for dissolving the Army and other regular forces and establishing secular state.

The opposition forces have failed to take serious and convincing action against the charter. The opposition leaders sometimes deny authorizing their representatives to Kampala meeting and sometimes they claim that the charter is mere draft document awaiting discussions to be final.

In the two cases, the opposition hasn't given reasonable justifications to the Sudanese people it "represents". Moreover, the PCP Politburo chief has shamefully claimed that attacking the opposition means attacking the Sudanese people they represent. How can the opposition which calls for secular state to the represent the conservative Sudanese people!

Suppose that the Umma Party represented the majority in the Constitutional Assembly 25 year ago, but who is qualified to represent the majority now? Is it the Popular Congress, the Communist, the Baath or the New Forces Movement (HAG)?. Omer's allies have blushed at his bold statements because he hit them in a soft spot.

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