Friday, February 08, 2013

Tunisia Police Fire Tear Gas at Protesters in Gafsa

Tunisia police fire tear gas at protesters in Gafsa

Fri Feb 8, 2013 2:36PM GMT

Tunisian police have fired tear gas to disperse anti-government protesters in the central town of Qafsa as Tunisians bury the slain opposition figure, Shokri Belaid.

Police clashed with furious protesters who were throwing stones and petrol bombs in the mining town on Friday as rallies swept Tunisian cities.

Tunisian police also used tear gas to disperse protesters following the funeral of Belaid in the capital, Tunis.

Tunisia plunged into a political chaos after Belaid was fatally shot outside his home in Tunis on February 6.

Belaid's assassination triggered violent demonstrations across the North African country, with the headquarters of the ruling Ennahda party attacked in more than a dozen cities.

The opposition accuses Ennahda of involvement in the killing. However, the party’s leader Rashid al-Ghannushi condemned the act and rejected the allegations.

A general strike is currently taking effect across the Arab country with schools, shops, and banks all shut down. All flights to and from Tunisia have also been canceled.

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