Monday, December 02, 2013

Sudan Makes Progress Towards Economic and Development Issues

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Taha: Sudan Makes Progress towards Economic and Development Issues


Khartoum - First Vice President of the Republic Ali Osman Mohamed Taha said that Sudan is making good steps in the coming year according to the political, economic, and developmental indicators, beside the existence of the political will and awareness of the Sudanese people of the their role towards achieving the development and their positive role in providing requirements of the investment.

Taha added during his address to the opening sitting of the States First Economic Forum, that the existing investment Act fulfils the demands and ambitions of both the national and foreign investors calling for bringing its provisions and recommendations on reality.

Taha pointed out that the social responsibility of the government is one of bases of the features of the policies of in the field of investment.

He called on the states Governors and the political organization to reconsiders the settlements of disputes and conflicts in Darfur and Kordufan states to find its share in the development and investment projects.

Taha also called on the states Governors to exert more efforts on improving the infrastructure and to create the right atmosphere for investment to benefit from the local and foreign investment privileges, and to settle the land ownership issues, indicating that investment is the backbone of the Sudan's economy.

He stressed on the importance of the fair and balanced distribution of investment opportunities in all the different states of the Sudan in a way to achieve a fair distribution of resources.

He pointed out the investment map is a field report on the spaces ready for investment without legal or administrative restrictions, calling at the same time on the states governments to work for settling the disputes and resolve problems that hinder the investment in the states.

Taha said that there are chances for progress in agricultural investment and the achievement of the food security, and to benefit from the Arab initiative in this regard.

He called on the use of the comparative advantages that Sudan is enjoys in this aspect.

Taha asserted commitment of the government to provide the infrastructure for an appropriate and encouraging investment atmosphere in order to be reflected on the living standards and services of the citizens and the investment partners.

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