Saturday, January 11, 2014

13 Killed in South Libya Clashes

13 killed in Libya tribal clashes

13 people were killed in the clashes between members of the Toubou and Ouled Slimane tribes

World Bulletin / News Desk

At least 13 people have been killed and six others injured in tribal clashes in the southwestern Libyan city of Sabha, medical sources said.

The Friday's violence broke out between members of the Toubou and Ouled Slimane tribes on the background of the recent murder of the deputy commander of the military zone in Sabha, Mansour al-Aswad, who belonged to the Ouled Slimane tribe.

Toubou tribal chief Baraka Kwadkwa denied accusations that his tribe was involved in al-Aswad's murder, calling on other tribes to show wisdom in dealing with the issue.

He blamed the central government for the tumult in the southern provinces due to its failure to support the army enough so that it can control these provinces.

Animosities have marred relations between Toubou and Ouled Slimane tribes for a long time, leaving scores of people dead.

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