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Corporate Media Attacks Venezuela

Havana. February 26, 2014

Corporate media attack Venezuela

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro, emphasized, in an interview with the regional network TeleSur, that imperialist powers are unleashing a media attack on the Bolivarian Revolution.

President Nicolás Maduro denounces corporate media attacks on the Bolivarian Revolution, during an interview with the regional broadcasting network Telesur.

The campaign against the elected government, he said, is part of a strategy intended to put an end to the process of change underway in Venezuela.

Referring to vandalism and aggression by right-wing groups, the President reported that only 5% of the country’s municipalities have experienced disturbances, yet the media – the same ones which justified the invasion of Iraq – present the events as evidence of a civil war.

The U.S. network CNN, is leading the way, promoting negative public opinion about the current situation in Venezuela.

Maduro took the opportunity to comment on Telesur’s plans to begin programming in English later this year, to share the country’s reality, without manipulation, with other countries of the world.

During the interview, Maduro revealed that security forces had detained three persons who were making death threats against him and the daughter of Diosdado Cabello, president of the National Assembly.

Grandmothers and grandfathers took to the street in Caracas, February 23, to support the process of change underway in the country and oppose violence.

He criticized the actions of these youth, who will be held responsible, but reiterated that this type of behavior comes as a result of the corporate media’s hate campaign.

He denounced promoters of the media campaign who have resorted to lies and outright fabrications, even presenting photographs from other regions of the world as Venezuelan.

Support for the Bolivarian Revolution and its government was evident in the patriotism of elderly Venezuelans who demonstrated February 23 in Caracas, in a march for peace and against violence.

The march, like others held in the country’s 23 states, came as a response to an appeal by President Maduro addressing a demonstration of women in the capital.

As the marchers arrived at Miraflores government palace, the President greeted the enthusiastic elderly citizens who also enjoyed a concert featuring some of Venezuela’s premiere artists. The event additionally served as a tribute to singer-songwriter Simón Díaz, recently deceased at the age of 85.

The government has called for all Venezuelans to come together in support of dialogue and unity, based on the 10-point Peace and Reconciliation Plan, which now includes the convocation of a National Peace Conference.

The daily lives of citizens were again disrupted this week by the violent actions of opposition groups, which since February 12 are attempting to destabilize the country, leaving eight dead and 137 injured, in addition to significant material damage, according to the General Attorney’s Office.

(Granma International news staff)

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