Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Say No to Another U.S. War in Ukraine and Russia!--Today, March 18, 4:30pm at Hart Plaza

Demonstration - No New U.S. War!
Tues., March 18, 4:30 PM at Hart Plaza, Jefferson at Woodward, Downtown



For our schools, services, pensions, art, parks, homes and neighborhoods, for jobs for youth and the unemployed, and at higher
wages--billions for our hurting city, not for war!


Hands off Ukraine and Venezuela!

Stop U.S. $upport for fascists


Tuesday, March 18, 4:30 PM
Hart Plaza, Downtown Detroit

Ukrainian and Russian people oppose U.S. backed fascism in Ukraine

The Ukrainian and Russian people are resisting the imposition of a U.S. backed fascist dictatorship in Ukraine.

The U.S. has collaborated and conspired with outright fascists to threaten the Venezuelan people's chosen government and to overthrow the elected president of Ukraine and install a pro-U.S. regime.

The neo-Nazis now running Ukraine openly flaunt the swastika and the Confederate flag.

These forces have received billions and Washington has committed $10 billion more to the illegal government in Ukraine--money that we need to save our city!

Sanctions, U.S. war ships in the Black Sea, U.S. fighter jets in countries bordering Ukraine--the war danger is real. Only the people can stop it.

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