Saturday, March 15, 2014

Two Somalians Killed by U.S.-backed Military Forces

Two Al-shabab militants killed and two others arrested in Daynile, Mogadishu

Posted on March 13, 2014
[RBC Radio Mogadishu]

Two Al-shabab militants have been shot dead in police operation carried out today at Daynile district, Banadir Region as confirmed by Daynile deputy governor on social affairs Ahmed Dubac Ali.

Ahmed also said that two people identified to operate with Al-shabab militants have been arrested in the course of this police operation at Dayniile and handed over to National Peacekeeping police unit .

The national police launched an attack on a house located at Dayniile which was believed to reside Al-shabab member following a tip-off of their whereabouts.

The Federal government is making efforts to restore the security reliability of the capital city of the country, Mogadhishu.

RBC Radio.

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