Wednesday, February 10, 2016

ICGLR Secretary Considers Burundi Situation Worrying

Luanda - The outgoing ICGLR executive secretary, Ntumba Luaba, considered worrying the political and military situation in Burundi and reaffirmed the combination of efforts to avoid a civil war in that country.

The official was speaking to journalists on the fringes of the meeting of the chiefs of Staff of Iinternational Conference on the Great Lakes member countries.

Ntumba Luaba said Burundi is matter of concern, and all must be done to avoid a civil war in that east African country.

The official who is attending the ongoing meeting as his last as the ICGLR executive secretary, said the Burund issue will be discussed at the summit of heads of State and Government of the ICGLR on Friday in Luanda, as part of an inclusive dialogue.

He added the said dialogue will bring together representatives of the Burundian Government and of the other parties involved in the crisis.

Luaba said as well he hopes the dialogue leads to the smoothening of the humanitarian disaster and to the path of development.

There must be peace in Burundi and all will be done for that purpose, he stated.

As to the situation in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the official stated that with the defeat of the M23 and FDLR rebel movements, there are some individuals carrying out sporadic guerrilla acts and localised massacres, but the situation is under control.

According to Luaba, as a rebel movement, the M23 is finished, but could become a political party, should that be wished.

Commenting on the situation in South Sudan, Ntumba Luaba stated that what matters most now is that the National Unity Government takes office and president Salva Kiir concedes to the vice presidency as agreed under the peace accord.

He added that he believes that once the National Unity Government is in place, the South Sudan problem will be settled.

The chiefs of Staff of the ICGLR member countries are gathered in Luanda since Monday, to examine the security, defence, peace and humanitarian situation prevailing in their respective territories, particularly those experiencing a latent political and military crisis.

The meeting closing on Tuesday is being presided over by the chief of Staff of the Angola Armed Forces (FAA), gen. Geraldo Sahipengo Nunda, in his capacity as head of the ICGLR military organ.

This meeting precedes the Summit of heads of State and Government of the ICGLR member countries on February 12 in Luanda, ahead of a session of the Defence and Foreign ministers on February 10-11.

The CIRGL groups Angola, Burundi, Central Africa Republic, DR Congo,  Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Sudan, South Sudan, Tanzania and Zambia.

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