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Joint Media Statement by the South African Communist Party and the South African National Civic Organisation in KZN Province
South African Communist Party and the South African National Civic Organisation in KZN Province

9 February 2016

On Sunday the 7th February 2016, the South African Communist Party (SACP) and the South African National Civic Organization (SANCO) in KZN Province held a successful bilateral meeting. Amongst the issues discussed by these two organisations were: Current Political Developments in the Province, Disruption of Service Delivery, Local Government Elections, State of Public Transport, and Common Programmes.


The meeting noted that our bilateral was held in a period characterised by high level of social distress caused by the ongoing economic meltdown combined with a historical triple challenge of poverty, unemployment and inequality.

It also noted the high prevalence of opportunistic agenda informed by motives of greed and accumulation as opposed to the revolutionary struggle.

We have been observing relentless attacks directed at the working class and the poor seen as a concerted attack of ridding the ANC and the government of the influence of the working class to inculcate the hegemony of capital and divert our revolution from transformation to reformism.


The meeting noted a proliferation of organised tenderpreneurs who are holding our communities and our municipalities at ransom demanding preferences on tenders.

This is coupled with a scandalous summoning of municipal and government officials by the political office undermining the political leadership deployed and violating all laws preventing political interference in the running of government business.

As two organisations we strongly condemn such corrupt tendencies and we will do everything in our power to fight against them.


The SACP and SANCO agreed to commit themselves to a decisive victory of the ANC in the upcoming local government elections. However, we are deeply disappointed and depressed at the state of the nomination process in the Province.

KwaZulu-Natal is lagging behind both in the nomination processes and election campaign. There is a growing number of reported cases of violence in many candidate nomination meetings including gross violations of the ANC Constitution and nomination guidelines. Corruptive tendencies are rife in the nomination process, much against the call by the ANC Leadership to ensure a clean process that is community centred.

There are serious cases of isolation of the alliance partners in the processes from branch to the Provincial level. Without a National Intervention the overwhelming victory of the ANC in the Province will definitely be negatively affected.

There is a high level of disregard affecting the integrity of the process and the ANC and this is what is highly disturbing the the SACP and SANCO.


The SACP and SANCO are highly disturbed by the current instability of the services of public transport in the EThekwini Municipality. It needs to be noted that there is a political and a council decision that the municipal bus transport be taken over by the Council. It is puzzling that since the decision was taken, the municipality has failed to absorb the transport services to its fold.

It was clear to both the SACP and SANCO that there appears to be a hidden hand that prevents the municipality to implement both the political decision and the council decision. This hidden hand appears to be so powerful that it has caused the municipality to be in contempt of court for a considerable period. This tells us that the hidden hand is above the law and above political leadership.

What is even worrying in the whole saga is the brutal treatment of the workers and the disregard for reliable services for commuters.

The SANCO and SACP resolved to embark on a wide consultation process that will involve the workers, communities and the council with the intention of demanding the implementation of both the council and the political leadership decision.


The bilateral meeting further mandated the secretariat of both organisations to work on the preparations for an urgent service delivery summit.

The SANCO was satisfied with the SACP`s executive suspension of participation in the list committees and vowed that the Party`s concerns are their concerns.

The SACP`s concerns are genuine and its call for national intervention may help to resolve the current state of the nomination process.

Jointly issued by the SACP and SANCO in KZN Province

For more information please contact:
SACP Provincial Secretary-Themba Mthembu @ 078 292 3355
SANCO Provincial Secretary- Richard Mkhungo @ 079 519 2085

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