Monday, March 21, 2016

CAR: Touadera Makes His Mark and Affirms His Values, Unlike the Incompetence of Samba-Panza
March 22, 2016
Gilles Deleuze

BANGUI (LNC) — Appealing memory, during her reign over CAR, ‘CSP’ still carefully avoided dragging her smart shoes in province, only at M’Baïki and Bouar, to show off for few hours.

Style change, change in thinking and in acting, the fresh elect president in CAR, Faustin Touadera has no fear, he does not refrain himself from acting and moving unlike Samba-Panza. He is not either afraid of visiting forgotten provinces in CAR. Reign of CSP was only over 3 km2 in Bangui, and not farther.

Who met her in the most remote and abandoned sites of provinces in CAR like Obo and Birao? Obvious answer, nobody.

Prior to his effective investiture as President of the Republic, Touadera thinks differently of Samba-Panza, in order to acquire the necessary skills as good President; few days ago, he went to extremes in CAR, visiting city of Obo where Joseph Kony’s LRA terrorism has been on-going for decades, and moving next to city of Birao.

“This is a strategic trip” one of his advisers said, “The president is the president of all Centrafricans,” he added.

He said in a Press conference in Obo : “The LRA is expanding its ranges of action, so, we need more troops to cover all spaces in which the LRA is currently operating. We are going to request all the entities able to help; the African Union and also the American government, who is actually helping us here;  In order that, together, we may find the most appropriate measures and strategies to eradicate finally this plague called  LRA.”

Same semantic dittoed in Birao, he also then emphasized that “No one in the Centrafric will be forgotten no more.“

For sure, we are far away from the amateurism and cowardice of Samba-Panza.

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