Thursday, March 10, 2016

COSATU Stunned and Enraged by the Decision to Release Cde Chris Hani's Murderer Janusz Walus
10 March 2016

The Congress of South African Trade Unions is dismayed and aghast at the decision by the North Gauteng High Court to grant parole to Janusz Waluś ,the unrepentant murderer of Comrade Chris Hani. We call on the Minister of Justice and Correctional Services to appeal against the decision and ensure that this mercenary and white supremacist rots in jail.

We are deeply concerned by the fact that the judge appeared to have adopted the usual condescending approach, embraced by some sections of the white population in this country that the victims of the wicked apartheid system need to get over it and move on.

This is also a stark reminder that the South African judicial system remains untransformed and it still benefits and preserves the interests of the architects and beneficiaries of the evil system of apartheid. This decision is tantamount to poking the eyes of the victims of apartheid, the progressives who fought against the apartheid system and in particular the previously oppressed black majority.

South African society has no place for this merciless murderer and this decision should not go unchallenged. This killer robbed the Hani family of a loving father and the nation of its most revolutionary and principled leader. By killing Cde Chris Hani this killer was trying to light the flames of civil war and derail the processes that led to the 1994 democratic breakthrough.

This coldblooded killer and mercenary failed to divulge the entire truth behind the conspiracy to kill the late Comrade Chris Hani. The Hani family has not been told the whole story and Janusz Walus has on countless occasions been given an opportunity to come clean and failed.

COSATU strongly feels that the Hani family and the people of South Africa deserves to know the truth about the real plotters and killers of Cde Chris Hani. The wounds of apartheid will never heal ,unless the true story of the Hani murder is divulged ,and our reactionary judicial system is transformed.

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