Saturday, March 05, 2016

SACP Congratulates Parliament for Rejecting the So-called Motion of No Confidence
1 March 2016

The South African Communist Party (SACP) congratulates our Parliament for rejecting the so-called motion of no confidence moved today by the "Democratic Alliance" (DA) supported by its right-wing allies. The "motion" is nothing else but a waste of time and public resources. Its purpose was to derail our society from uniting behind the perspective of placing our country` democratic transition on to a second, more radical phase.

The many fundamental economic challenges that South Africa finds itself faced with are a product of centuries- and decades-long colonial and apartheid oppression based on capitalist exploitation and imperialist domination. These challenges - racialised and gendered social inequalities, high rates of unemployment and poverty, are the legacy of the system of racist supremacism from which the bedrock of the DA`s electoral base befitted.? They are not the invention of the ANC-led government.

The so-called motion of no confidence, among others based on these challenges, was destined to fail - with distinction as it did. The only condition under which it could have succeeded are those of apartheid which were put forward by the DA when it wanted other Members of Parliament to be excluded from participation in the house on the basis that they are Ministers.

South Africa has achieved massive ?progress since we won our democratic breakthrough in 1994. Undeniably there is still a lot of work to be done to undo the damage caused by national oppression, racist capitalist exploitation, gender domination and the multiple crises of capitalism.

The SACP says:

"Now is the time for all progressive and revolutionary forces, in particular the tripartite alliance, and in general all other peace loving South Africans to close ranks and unite to eliminate the legacy of colonialism and apartheid. The road will not be smooth. Unrepentant beneficiaries of apartheid will continue to oppose the process of democratic social transformation in South Africa, including by means of such motions of no confidence."

Let us unite and defeat all those who want to handover our country to imperialist control and manipulation in the name of democracy.

Issued by SACP Central Committee

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