Tuesday, May 17, 2016

At Least 44 Killed, 90 Injured by Two Bombs in Baghdad – Police
17 May, 2016 09:29

People gathered at the site of a suicide bomb attack in a marketplace in Baghdad's al-Shaab district

At least 44 people have been killed in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, after two bombs were set off, according to police and medical sources as cited by Reuters. It is believed over 90 people have been injured following the blasts.

The two blasts struck different areas. The most deadly explosion hit a district in the north of Baghdad, which killed 38 and injured at least 70 people.

A spokesman for the Baghdad Operations Command spoke on state television saying the attacker in the Al-Shaab district in the north of the Baghdad had detonated a suicide vest in coordination with a bomb which had been planted.

Meanwhile, a car bomb in the southern neighborhood of Al-Rasheed left six people dead, while another 21 received injuries.

No one has claimed responsibility for the attacks at present, though terror group Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) was responsible for bombings around Baghdad last week, which killed around 100 people.

These two attacks come just two days after IS launched attacks on a state cooking gas factory in the north of Baghdad, which killed 14 people and injured a further 27.

The attack was carried out using a car explosive at the factory entrance early on Sunday morning.

A further group of at least six terrorists arrived at the scene wearing explosive vests and became embroiled in a gun battle with police. Members of the government’s security forces were amongst those killed.

On May 11, Baghdad was rocked by three successive bombings which killed at least 88 people.

Police said an SUV rigged with explosives parked near a beauty salon in a busy market in Sadr City caused the most serious blast, which left at least 63 people dead.

Subsequent explosions occurred in the Kadhimiya district of northern Baghdad – an area of the city considered a center of Shiite Islam - which killed 18 civilians and the Sunni district of Jamiya where seven people lost their lives. IS claimed responsibility for all of the attacks.

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