Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Brawl Erupts as Opposition Party Thrown Out of South African Parliament

South African opposition lawmakers, who tried to disrupt President Jacob Zuma in parliament, brawled with guards before being ejected from the building.

Red-clad members of the Economic Freedom Fighters party were bundled out of parliament in Cape Town on Tuesday, after they said Zuma himself should leave because of corruption allegations against him.

The opposition party has previously been thrown out of parliament, but the latest confrontation was among the more aggressive.

Window panes in a parliament door were shattered in the chaos.

After the brawl, Zuma called for dialogue among political leaders.

In March, South Africa's Constitutional Court said Zuma "failed to uphold" the constitution when he didn't pay back some of the more than $US20 million ($A27.43 million) in state funds used to upgrade his rural home.

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