Saturday, May 14, 2016

Dilma Slams Brazil's Coup-Imposed All White, All Male Cabinet
Suspended Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff addresses supporters after the Brazilian Senate voted to impeach her

13 May 2016

Ousted Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff said she was sorry that Brazil's acting government does not reflect its cultural diversity.

The ousted Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff spoke today at a press conference, during which she addressed her plans forward in the current political crisis.

While answering questions, she spoke about the white face of acting President Michel Temer, who was installed after the political coup. "I'm sorry that there are no women or blacks in the new cabinet," the ousted president said.

The new cabinet was announced on May 12, and it is entirely composed of white males.

The makeup of Temer’s new cabinet also mirrors the profile of the Senate that voted to oust Rousseff. According to an analysis by BBC Brasil, the 81-member Senate is 80 percent white men, with just six Black men and 11 women, only one of whom is Black.

The cabinet does not reflect the reality of Brazil's population, which, of course, is nearly half female. There is also a high percentage of Brazilians with African, Indigenous and mixed backgrounds that lack representation.

Some of the ministers are also said to be embroiled in corruption. Temer himself faces investigation for bribery and could face possible impeachment. He is also barred from running from public office for two election cycles, a fact that did not stop the Senate from putting him in place as the unelected president.

"Inequality has a clear face in Brazil. It's the face of women, blacks, the poor, and the youth," Rousseff concluded.

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