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Gregory Chifire Says; “Vote Pres Edgar Lungu”
Peter Adamu
August 1, 2016
Gregory_ChifireGregory Chifire, a Zambian youth activist, has urged Zambians to vote President Edgar Lungu on account of proven ability to transform the country into an economic giant in the region.



31 JULY 2016

We are urging Zambians to vote for President Edgar Lungu because in the past twenty (20) months that he has been president has proved to be a capable leader with proven abilities to transform the country into an economic giant in the region.

It must be pointed out that in the last ten (10) years,the country has had four (04) presidents. Changing leadership within such a short period of time would have a negative impact on the economy as well as national unity and has potential to erode investor confidence. President Lungu presents the country with continuity and stability as he has continued with many development programs initiated over the years such as the Mongu-Kalabo road and the Great East road from Luangwa to Chipata, the Kafue Lower Hydro-power station and social infrastructure such as schools and hospitals.

Despite coming into office when the world faced an economic down turn because of China’s slow down in economic growth and the relative strength in the US dollar, Zambia managed to record positive economic growth. Economies that rely on sale of commodities such as Zambia were badly hit by the slow down in China’s economic growth and the Kwacha being one of the globes emerging highly traded currency was particularly vulnerable. However, Government through various interventions managed to stabilize the exchange rate and control inflation.

To add to the problem of the global economic down turn, the country was faced with electricity shortages due to poor maintenance of the nation grid by previous governments.

At the time when the entire Southern Africa region was face with drought that threatened food security, President Lungu turned to God by calling for a national day of prayer and fasting. A sign that he is a God fearing man who should be trusted to lead a Christian nation like Zambia. With the help of the Almighty God and good agriculture policies, the country recorded a maize bumper harvest.

We are therefore convinced that given enough time, President Lungu was capable of delivering even more development to the nation.

Gregory Chifire
Citizens Coalition

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