Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Mujuru, Tsvangirai Union Vindicates ZANU-PF Ruling Party
August 17, 2016
Herald Reporters

Zanu-PF has been vindicated for expelling Dr Joice Mujuru as her union with MDC-T leader Mr Morgan Tsvangirai in Gweru at the weekend showed that she has for long been supping with the opposition at the behest of her late husband General Solomon Mujuru.

Dr Mujuru, who fronts the newly formed Zimbabwe People First, joined hands with Zanu-PF’s long time political opponent, Mr Tsvangirai, in an incident that shocked her former party members.

In separate interviews yesterday, political and social commentators said the zanu-PF leadership did not err when it expelled Dr Mujuru and her entire cabal because they would have destroyed the party from within.

Their continued wining and dining with the opposition parties was not good for the revolutionary party.

Political analyst Mr Godwine Murerirwa said the shenanigans that Dr Mujuru, her late husband and the broader cabal did in the 2008 election through bhora musango had been revealed.

“Covertly, they were working with the MDC, overtly they have now come out in the open showing the whole world what they have been doing all along,” said Mr Mureriwa.

He said to show that Dr Mujuru had for long been working for the regime change agenda, her pact with the MDC-T had been smooth, indicating they have been working on it for some time.

Mr Mureriwa said some people might think that President Mugabe erred when he expelled Dr Mujuru and her cabal from Zanu-PF, but he was acting on credible intelligence.

“Zanu-PF is now in a better position to win the 2018 election because it now knows its enemies. In 2008, it did not know that some of its members where fighting it from within and now everything has come out clear,” said Mr Mureriwa.

University of Zimbabwe lecturer, Professor Sheunesu Mpepereki, hailed the ouster of Dr Mujuru describing her as a “snake in the grass” that was working in cahoots with the enemy to reverse the gains of the liberation struggle.

Prof Mupepereki said Dr Mujuru should be charged with “treason”.

He said her actions confirmed that the First Lady, Dr Grace Mugabe, was right all along that the MDC-T was formed in the couple’s house.

“Dr Mujuru is a sellout and unprincipled woman who can do anything to get into power,” said Prof Mupepereki.

“She is a sellout because she was entrusted with high responsibilities to serve the interests of Zimbabwe as well as the ruling party when she was Vice President.

“Instead, she was an apologist of the whites who was working undercover to serve the interests of Zimbabwe’s enemies.”

Prof Mupepereki said Dr Mujuru’s negative ambitions were proven by the fact that she was soft towards the enemy as she never publicly attacked Zimbabwe’s political enemies.

“We thought that she would defend the gains of independence than working with the enemy. The ruling party was correct when it kicked her out of Zanu-PF. It has now been revealed that she was a sponsored stooge working inside the party to serve the interests of our enemies,” he said.

Another analyst Mr James Makiya, said Dr Mujuru was not grateful for what the party had done for her to serve in Government since independence and having been elevated to the position of Vice President.

He said weekend events proved that she deserved to be fired from the party.

Mr Makiya said when the First Lady, Dr Grace Mugabe said Dr Mujuru was bad news, she knew what she was talking about.

“She has always wanted to remove President Mugabe from power and her actions today prove exactly that,” said Mr Makiya.

Other analysts who contributed to The Herald online also said Dr Mujuru’s exhibited her underhand dealings when she imposed her own provincial chairpersons.

“When provinces appealed to the presidium to nullify provincial elections, she manipulated the presidium and the provinces appeals were thrown out.

“But later on we saw the Mujuru chairpersons being removed, together with their mother. We all know the Mujurus were behind Simba Makoni (Mavambo President) and bhora musango,” she said.

Midlands State University lecturer, Professor Nhamo Mhiripiri, however, differed with other analysts saying: “If need be, political parties should unite to serve the interests of Zimbabwe as well as boost the economic fortunes of the country.”

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