Thursday, August 11, 2016

Russian Defense Ministry: Bombers Destroyed Ammunition Warehouse and Chemical Ammunition Plant for ISIS in Raqqa
11 August، 2016

Moscow, SANA – Russian Defense Ministry announced on Thursday that long-range bombers hit a number of ISIS sites and fortified positions in Raqqa province, northern Syria.

The Ministry said in a statement that four long-range bombers Tupolev-22M3 “took off from a base in Russia to deal a pinpoint strike with high-explosive fragmentation bombs against facilities of the terrorist group called [ISIS] southeast, north and northwest of Raqqa.”

“The attack eliminated a large warehouse containing weapons, ammunition and fuel and lubricants near Raqqa, a chemical ammunition plant on the northwestern outskirts of the city, and a large field training camp. The terrorists suffered heavy material damage. A large number of militants were killed,” the Russian Defense Ministry added.

“After the mission all Russian planes returned to base,” the statement noted.

M. al-Frieh/H. Said

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