Friday, August 05, 2016

SACP Northern Cape Statement on the 2016 Local Government Elections Results
4 August 2016

The South African Communist Party in the province congratulates the African National Congress (ANC) and the entire mass democratic movement in the province on securing an ANC victory in the local government elections.

The huge voter turnout and active participation by our people is a sign of a stable and growing democratisation of our country.

This has allowed the ANC to claim a decisive victory across all wards within the province.

We further want to thank the working class and the poor for showing confidence in the ANC-led Alliance to continue leading our local municipalities. As the SACP we commit ourselves to ensure that our local municipalities are able to contribute to changing the lives of our people for the better.

In this regard we reiterate our call for the following:

An end to outsourcing and privatisation of basic services within our local municipalities

To deal with incidences of corruption decisively wherever it reals its ugly head

Our municipalities must realign and extend their working hours to make local services available to the working class and the poor.

Drive the local co-operatives and people driven economic development within our communities
Enhance planning capacity at local government and work towards synergy with spatial development, alignment with national and development goals and priorities

Build sustainable communities and households by breaking the dependence of our communities on the exploitative capitalist mode for consumer goods and services.

Issued by the SACP Northern Cape
Patrick Bosiame - Provincial Spokesperson
Cell: 081 374 8233

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