Sunday, August 07, 2016

Somalia: At Least 1 Killed and 7 Wounded in Attack On By Al Shabaab
A woman died and 7 other people have been wounded when heavily armed Al Shabaab militants opened fire on bus loaded with dozens of sacks of Khat traveling through a small Somalia town.

The bus, which was hit by Al Shabaab ambush, fetches Khad (Narcotic leaves) in Marka town, about 100Km south of Somalia's capital Mogadishu, a witness said on condition of anonymity.

The ambush raid took place El-waregow area in Lower Shabelle region.

He told Shabelle Media that the all wounded people had been taken to hospital. The victims included a woman, who is Khat dealer.

The militants also launched an ambush attack on bases manned by government forces in Bulo-marer town in the region.

The clashes lasted for several hours and caused casualty, according to local residents.

Both sides used heavy and slight weapons during the skirmishes.

The fighting reportedly subsided after militants from Al Shabaab returned to an undisclosed rural areas in the region.

Bulo-marer, a town situates about 130Km south Somali capital Mogadishu.

The militants were driven out of several towns in the country but they still launch roadside, suicide bombings and ambush attacks on SNA with African Union forces' vehicles and camps.

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