Saturday, October 15, 2016

Hundreds Gather in South Carolina for Keith Lamont Scott's Funeral
by Blaine Tolison, Paul Boyd
Oct 14, 2016 - 6:23 PM

CHARLESTON, S.C. - Keith Scott was laid to rest Friday in South Carolina.

More than 200 people filled First Baptist Church of James Island. Family and close relatives wore all white as they walked into the church. They focused on laying him to rest and honoring him during the service.

"How are you remembering Mr. Scott?" Eyewitness News reporter Paul Boyd asked Scott's uncle, Cleary White.

"Funny guy, liked to joke play all the time and dance and take care of his family," White said.

"My uncle is amazing and he is the reason I love reggae music, he is the reason I love to dance, he is the reason I love motorcycles," Scott's niece Kaona Mercer said. "He is a free-spirited man, he embodied that and everyone he came into contact with even his seven children."

White doves were released after the funeral.

Scott's wife raises questions about the shooting

His family's attorneys told Channel 9 on Thursday that they will continue to seek justice after his funeral.

As they prepare for a legal battle, Scott’s wife is raising new questions about who with CMPD actually shot her husband.

"Officer Vinson, I don't believe shot my husband," Scott’s wife, Raykeyia said.

She was there at The Village at College Downs Apartments last month in University City recording the encounter on her cellphone.

The video captured the moments leading up to and after her husband's shooting death.

According to CMPD, Scott was shot by Officer Brentley Vinson, but Raykeyia said that her husband may have been shot by one of the white officers on scene.

"Officer Vinson was to my left, further," Raykeyia said. "My positioning was where I could see the officer with the white shirt, my husband, the officer with the dash cam and the officer right here with the red shirt."

Scott’s attorneys said by phone that Raykeyia did not know the exact positions of the officers that day, but they said their own independent autopsy of Keith Scott’s body raises questions about where Vinson was standing.

Raykeyia also clarified who she was speaking to in her cellphone video when she says, "Keith! Don’t you do it!"

"I’m calling Keith’s name for him to hear me. I’m talking to the officers that I actually see changing their stance, their positions," Raykeyia said.

She also spoke about her husband's violent past and didn't deny violence in their marriage, but said Scott changed after a November accident on his motorcycle.

"All of it is correct, absolutely. But that's my marriage. I don't expect anyone to understand our marriage," she said.

Scott’s death caused violent protests across Charlotte. Investigators say Scott had a gun and didn't put it down when commanded to do so.

The district attorney has not said whether Officer Vinson will face charges and the SBI is still investigating.

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