Tuesday, December 06, 2016

A Man in Mosul Says America is Behind All of Iraq’s Troubles
By Ayub Nuri

On the 14th Street of Mosul’s al-Zuhur neighborhood 67-year-old Nadhim Khosrow was standing in front of his house, carrying his grandson Qusay.

Their neighborhood had just been liberated by Iraqi troops and Nadhim’s neighbors were coming out of their homes, albeit nervously, after weeks of hiding indoors from street battles between ISIS militants and the Iraqi army.

Nadhim who had been a medic in the former Iraqi army for 25 years and retired in 1992, thought that all the troubles of Iraq were due to its oil. He said: “It is the fault of the oil. By God, it is all the fault of our oil. If you’re a poor country no one will bother you. So, yes oil is the main cause.”

He also believed that America was behind most of the trouble in his country otherwise “Iraqis are a peaceful people” themselves.

His grandson Qusay was born in January 2014, five months before ISIS overran Mosul. Nadhim said that he had seen many wars in his lifetime and hoped that Qusay would see none and that he would grow up to become a doctor.

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