Friday, December 16, 2016

ANC Envies Zimbabwe’s Achievements: Ramaphosa
December 17, 2016
Vusumuzi Dube in Masvingo
Zimbabwe Chronicle

SOUTH Africa’s Deputy President, Cde Cyril Ramaphosa, yesterday said his ANC party envies the achievements made by the ruling Zanu-PF party in Zimbabwe and would continue engaging the party for guidance.

Cde Ramaphosa, who is also the ANC Deputy President made these remarks while giving is solidarity message at the 16th Zanu-PF Annual National People’s conference that is being held in Masvingo.

He said the two revolutionary parties were fraternal friends, whose history dates back to both countries’ liberation struggles.

“As ANC we envy Zanu-PF and admire the manner in which the party holds its conferences with so many people gathered here, having serious political discussions on important issues that have to do with your own transformation process.

“We also particularly admire the manner in which you continue to defend the gains of the Zimbabwean revolution. We know that at this conference all efforts will be made in finding ways to expand the gains of freedom, development and also to improving the lives of the people of Zimbabwe,” said Cde Ramaphosa.

He said the People’s conference was being held at a crucial time when the economies of most countries in Southern Africa were weak, noting that the conference was meant to serve as a reminder of the immense responsibility that liberation movements — like Zanu-PF and the ANC — had in delivering promises they made of freedom, independence and development.

Cde Ramaphosa said with all this addressed it would ensure that liberation parties remain in touch with the people.

“This conference will have to reaffirm that we derive our legitimacy as leaders only by placing the needs of the people above our own. As ANC we remain ready to work with Zanu-PF and find solutions to common challenges.

“As your visitors, we listened closely when the President was speaking about unity and it was like he was addressing an ANC congress. When you (President Mugabe) spoke of corruption, it was like you were speaking to us. When you spoke of factionalism, it was also like you were addressing the ANC. As we leave this conference we are a better people,” said the South African Deputy President.

He said he would take President Mugabe’s message and convey it to members of the ANC in South Africa, telling them that the two parties were dealing with the same problems.

Cde Ramaphosa revealed that the conference coincided with the commemoration of the launch of South Africa’s people’s army Umkhonto Wesizwe.

“This army has a strong bearing to the history of our two nations as they fought besides your own combatants in the fight against the colonial regime. When you look at it, as South Africa, without Zimbabwe we would never have gained our own independence.

“Zimbabwe left its imprint in the constitutional architecture of the South African constitution. In 1989, the Harare declaration was adopted. The declaration spelt out how South Africa was to achieve the constitutional order, it is therefore clear comrades that our two nations are joined on the hip,” said Cde Ramaphosa.

Meanwhile, the United States-based December 12 movement took a swipe at Pastor Evan Mawarire of the #ThisFlag campaign, labelling him a traitor who only wanted to get a green card to the United States by embarrassing President Mugabe.

The leader of the December 12 movement, Cde Coltrane Chimurenga, who was also presenting his solidarity message said when they realised Pastor Evan’s ulterior motive they mobilised to expose him.

“We were told that this traitor was going to be in the USA to embarrass our President but what he did not know was that New York City is our home.

“When he came we warned him never to embarrass our President, he was defeated and embarrassed himself and sent back running where he was coming from, which is to the CIA cowards,” said Cde Chimurenga.

Cde Chimurenga said the relations between the December 12 movement and Zanu-PF remained steadfast and would never die.

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