Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Applying the HIPPO Recommendations to Libya: Toward Strategic, Prioritized, and Sequenced Mandates
REPORT from International Peace Institute
Published on 13 Dec 2016

In light of the challenges faced by the United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) and the expected renewal of its mandate in December 2016, the International Peace Institute (IPI), the Stimson Center, and Security Council Report organized a roundtable on the challenges faced by the UN in Libya. Held on October 19, 2016, this workshop aimed to contribute to the discussions ahead of UNSMIL’s renewal by developing a shared understanding and common strategic assessment of the situation on the ground in Libya, and to use that common assessment to inform the political strategy and design of the mission, particularly by crafting a strategic, prioritized, and sequenced mandate for UNSMIL.

This was the second workshop in a collaborative series entitled “Applying HIPPO and UNSG Recommendations: Toward Strategic, Prioritized, and Sequenced Mandates.” This series, organized by IPI, the Stimson Center, and Security Council Report, brings together member states and UN actors to analyze how UN policies and the June 2015 recommendations of the HighLevel Independent Panel on Peace Operations (HIPPO) can be applied to country-specific contexts.

The workshop began with a discussion of UNSMIL’s political strategy. Experts presented a brief analysis of the conflict context in Libya, and participants then discussed the current elements of UNSMIL’s political strategy that respond to the threats identified. The workshop then transitioned to discuss the highest priority objectives for the mission and how to sequence them in order to advance the political strategy discussed in the previous session.

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