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Declaration of the SACP Western Cape Provincial Council
13 December 2016

The South African Communist Party (SACP) in the Western Cape held its Provincial Council at Intsebenziswano High School on the 11 December 2016. The Council was attended by Provincial Executive Committee members, and branch delegates from all four districts (Che Guevara, Brian Bunting, Elizabeth Nana Abrahams, Southern Cape and Overberg).

The Council paid tribute to the late Commander-in-Chief of the Cuban Revolution, Comrade Fidel Castro. Delegates drew inspiration from his record of selfless service to humanity through revolutionary acts of solidarity and internationalism.

As delegates reflected on the revolutionary contribution and sacrifices of the Cuban revolution towards the liberation of many African states, we also noted that our National Democratic Revolution (NDR) faces a serious crisis on many fronts.

We noted with concern that whilst Cosatu is rebuilding, there are undercurrents of splinter unions driven by elements of business unionism which is tantamount to self-enrichment of a few leaders at the detriment to workers. The council resolved to strengthen its relationship with trade unions and recruit workers into the Party to entrench political and ideological consciousness.

The Council deliberated on the announcement of the minimum wage of R3500, which is a step in the right direction however the Council recognises the urgent necessity of implementing the demand of a living wage to improve the conditions of working class broadly, in this regard, the Council felt strongly that the current minimum wage ought to be revaluated and reworked by NEDLAC to suit the current material realities facing the workers and the poor.

Delegates raised concern at the deteriorating credibility crisis of leadership in the ANC and government as epitomised by the state of capture report, the mismanagement in the SABC, Eskom, PetroSA, SAA and Denel. The compromised leadership has given rise to high levels of desperation and arrogance of parasitic bourgeoisie elements with its corruption and greed eroding the confidence of the motive forces.

This situation poses a challenge to the SACP to engage on its leadership responsibility in the alliance. The Council considered the SACP Discussion Document on State Power. While the party noted that state power is critical it also affirmed its position that state power is not an end in itself. Delegates reinforced the fact that the leadership of the NDR is not a birth-right of the ANC. Most importantly the Party must build its hegemony in all sectors of society and the state itself as well as in the commanding heights of the economy through popular power.

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