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SACP Statement: Building Capacity for State Power, Towards 2019 General Election
6 December 2016

The South African Communist Party (SACP) in Mpumalanga province convened the Second Plenary Session of the Ninth Congress Provincial Executive Committee (PEC) at Mbombela on 3 December 2016. The purpose of the meeting was to assess the state of the SACP and reflect on the challenges facing the National Democratic Revolution.

Building a strong SACP

The PEC meeting was held against the backdrop of a successful 9th Provincial Congress. The congress radical resolutions aimed at moving the National Democratic Revolution back on track.

The PEC reaffirmed the 9th Congress historic resolution that the SACP contests state power during the 2019 general elections on the ballot. The meeting intensive Programme of Action aimed at building more structures for strengthening the Party's capacity to contest state power.

The PEC adopted the recommendation by the Party Building Commission to declare the year 2017 as the "Year of the Branch and Capacity Building for State Power."

National Democratic Revolution

Other class forces have succeeded in derailing the historical mission of the National Democratic Revolution by capturing much of the structures of the organisational leader of the revolution, the African National Congress and the state and then delivered them to the Guptas and the so-called premier league which is corrupt. The capacity of our main mass political organisation to lead the revolution was thus compromised and plunged in factionalism and self-serving interests.

The reactionary forces, in the form of the so-called premier league, have embarked on a massive bogus membership recruitment and ballooning of membership to capture the ANC's presidency in 2017. The victory of this force will sound the death knell of the revolutionary ANC as we know it, the ANC that was developed over many years of struggle and delivered by President OR Tambo intact upon return of exile and underground organisation.

The Congress movement has been reduced to an organisation that has to constantly defend and manage scandals. Drastic and serious steps should be taken, including efforts by the veterans who have the love of the ANC at heart.

The only organisation in this conjuncture that is an alternative of leading and advancing the revolution is the SACP. The SACP is primarily about advancing economic social emancipation for all; not for the elitist few and their family members and patronage networks pretending to be fighting monopoly capital whilst looking after their own stomachs. The counterfeit anti-monopoly capital must face the might of our revolutionary movement united.

Auditor-General Report

The three provinces that were pronounced as having deteriorated in their financial management are the so-called premier league provinces, namely, Mpumalanga, Free State and North West provinces.

The PEC will ask the National Office of the SACP to approach the National Treasury and the Office of the Public Protector to conduct an investigation into the three provinces to determine whether state resources are not being used to fund certain agendas and factional programmes in the build up to the ANC's National Conference in 2017.

Rhino Horns

The Aljazeera documentary that was recently screened implicated the Minister of State Security David Mahlobo in rhino poaching. The SACP in Mpumalanga will canvass the Augmented Central Committee from 14 to 16 December about the necessity to call for an immediate precautionary suspension of Mahlobo and an independent investigation into the allegations against him, as well as the massage parlour to determine if there are no illegal activities taking place there. The Minister of State Security should be aware of the circumstances of his orbit in relation to state security and crime.

Political killings and corruption

In the New Year, the SACP will also be launching a massive anti-corruption campaign, which will include pickets during the appearances of those implicated in the assassination of SACP leader in Bethal, Comrade Bomber Ntshangase.

Fees Must Fall

The SACP in Mpumalanga reaffirmed the Party's principled support to accelerated expansion of access to basic and higher education, particularly free education for the poor and the lower middle class sections that cannot afford. In particular, it is important to alter property relations and systematically eliminate inequality if we are to succeed. Those calling for the rich and the wealthy to be funded from the tax base are unreasonable. They cannot explain in reasonable terms what the rich and the wealth will do with the money that they will not contribute to the education of their children. The rich and the wealthy will simply deepen inequality. State efforts must be placed on primarily on those who cannot afford while those who enjoy the lion's share of production income must pay!

The PEC noted with concern the admission by the Minister of State Security that he knew and had been visited at his house by Mcebo Dlamini who claims to be the leader of the #Fees Must Fall campaign. In particular, the violence during the campaign, torching of public property and violation of the rights of other students is unacceptable.

The SACP calls on the ANC to investigate some of its leaders' possible complicity in the destructive elements of the campaign and the factional exploitation of the campaign to try and discredit the General Secretary of the SACP, Cde Blade Nzimande.

Linked to this should be an investigation to determine if the state intelligence services were not being misused to protect an individual instead of the country. The failure of state security to adopt preventative measures to stop destruction must be investigated as well.

Alliance Summit

The SACP conducted an audit of the resolutions taken at the Alliance Summit in April this year, as well as those taken at the Alliance Economic Summit. More than 80 percent of the resolutions were not implemented.

The SACP will be approaching the Alliance partners for to convene an Alliance Summit to evaluate progress.


The PEC condemned the recent attack of a black youth by two white racists where forced the victim into the coffin. The SACP will be holding a bilateral meeting with Cosatu to design strategies to combat the racism that is rife, particularly in the farming areas of the province.

Issued by the SACP


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