Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Statement by the SACP in the Province of Moses Mabhida on the Ongoing Assassinations of SACP Members and Leaders
20 December 2016

The provincial leadership of the South African Communist Party (SACP) in the Province of Moses Mabhida met with all branches of the Party in Entshangwe, Pinetown, on Monday 19 December. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss ongoing assassination suffered by SACP members and leaders in the community. The branches briefed the leadership about the killings.

There has been peace for sometime in Entshangwe where the people considered the situation as relative, stable and peaceful after the elections.

Out of the blue there was an assassination of two Shozi brothers simultaneously in what can be considered unexplained killing. On the same night a body of an SACP female activist, Nonhlanhla Mkhize, was discovered with a gunshot wound in front of the home of a prominent ANC leader in the Region of EThekwini.

It is not clear whether the killings of this member of the SACP on the same day, same street, same vicinity, were related.

Subsequent to those killings there had been other killings of two SACP members, Lungisani Mchunu and Mzamo Mzimela, from different areas of Entshangwe. There is another killing of a community member, Zazi Mthembu.

There had been other attempts of assassination of which some are in hospitals and others managed to escape.

The reports from Entshangwe point to what people have been talking about, a coterie of disgruntled group of people who felt that they had been rendered powerless in the area. The atmosphere of relative peace and stability is seen to them as a sign of being thrown into oblivion.

The SACP has been raising concerns about the changing geopolitical reconfiguration in the province, particularly in the EThekwini Region, as very worrying considering its re-engineering and restructuring. In the past, we had a leadership in the province that could only sustain itself through reign of terror and it appeared we are back to that era.

There is no doubt that a hit squad is now in operation in Entshangwe. What is developing in Entshangwe is similar to what was experienced in Richmond, Eskhaleni and Kwa-Makhutha.

Political killings are rising in the province of Kwa-Zulu Natal in spite of the announcement of the Commission of Inquiry which we have welcomed. The meeting with the structures of Entshangwe further raised other concerns:

There appears to be reluctance on the part of the Provincial Leadership of the ANC to put the conflict in Entshangwe to rest.

The belief that there is reluctance emanates from the unwillingness to prioritise Entshangwe in the recent deployments of ANC national executive committee teams to address the problems emanating from local government councillor candidates nomination processes.

There is also an over reliance on the regional leadership which has never shown any will or interest to arrest the conflicts and confrontations at Entshangwe. There is a strong belief that the Region would like to see the people of Entshangwe being punished.

There is also a serious concern about the factional role of the police in the area, particularly the Metro Police. There is a conclusion by the people of Entshangwe that the metro police are now a private army of certain individuals in Entshangwe.

The meeting therefore resolved to task the provincial leadership of the SACP to call for an urgent meeting with the Premier, the Commissioner of Police, and the MEC of Transport, Community Safety and Liaison in the province to address these concerns.

The meeting concluded by calling for a restraint and calmness under these difficult conditions and concentration on uniting the community and exposing the criminal elements. The meeting resolved to compile a report from the people on the ground on what is exactly happening in Entshangwe to expose it to the public.

SACP provincial leadership, together with the Party's national leadership, will be visiting the families of the deceased before the end of this week to pay respects and send condolences.

Themba Mthembu - Provincial Secretary
Mobile: 083 303 6988

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