Monday, February 06, 2017

CIA Spies Beheaded In Africa: Al-Shabab Executes 4 Agents Working For US, Kenya And Somalia
02/06/17 AT 2:12 PM

Al Shabab Militants Attack Beach Restaurant In Mogadishu

Four men were publicly beheaded in Somalia on suspicion they were spies working for the governments of Kenya, Somalia and the U.S., according to a new report. The terror group Al-Shabab was behind the executions Sunday, the Associated Press reported.

While none of the men killed were reported as being American citizens, they were accused of working, at least in part, for the U.S. government. Siyad Ali Abdi, 26, Ahmed Ibrahim, 28, Yusuf Makaran, 58, and Abdullahi Omar, 26 were convicted of being a part of drone attacks that killed rebel forces in Somalia.

The men admitted to being spies, Reuters reported.

"The court ruled on their cases and four of the men were executed publicly in Jamame District according to the Sharia this (Sunday) afternoon," said Mohamed Abu Abdalla, al-Shabab's governor for the Jubba region.

The news came hours before Somalia's Western-backed government issued a travel ban of its own, temporarily stopping fights in and out of capital city Mogadishu beginning Wednesday.

Somalia was named in U.S. President Donald Trump's immigration and travel ban that was temporarily forbidding travel to the U.S. from Somalia and six other predominately Muslim countries in Africa and the Middle East. The other countries on the travel ban list were Iran, Iraq, Libya, Sudan, Syria and Yemen.

Trump's travel ban was suspended Friday after a federal district judge blocked the president's executive order.

It was not immediately clear if Somalia's travel ban was issued in response to the ongoing violence there and in neighboring Kenya or in response to the U.S. travel ban.

Al-Shabab reportedly killed at least three Somalian soldiers and injured multiple others when it detonated a bomb on a road near Mogadishu Saturday. Al Qaeda offshoot group also killed as many as 30 people after it set off explosives in Mogadishu early last month.

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