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SACP Limpopo Special Provincial Executive Committee Statement
13 February 2017

The SACP Provincial Executive Committee in Limpopo Province held a meeting on 11 February in Polokwane. The Special PEC meeting was held in the wake of the State of the Nation Address delivered by President Jacob Zuma on 9 February. It was also held on the door steps of ANC PEC Lekgotla in Limpopo Province. The ANC PEC Lekgotla always almost precedes the State of the Province Address by the Premier. The meeting also took place amidst preparations for ANC Regional Conferences. While taking note of all these developments our Special PEC meeting focused on the state of SACP districts as part of an evaluation of the state of the Party. The meeting therefore received and considered reports of the Party districts.

Our broader movement is going through a difficult time. The National Democratic Revolution is under a serious threat of being derailed, it is on the state of interregnum. This is the time where a strategic leadership to the movement and the revolution is fundamental. The Party as the vanguard of the working class in particular and the broader masses in general has a crucial role to play.

The meeting condemned the disruption of Parliament.

The tenants of democracy, among others consultation, mandate, responsibility and accountability are supposed to be institutionalised in Parliament.

Principled unity based on a common programme remains essential.

The meeting expressed concerns of the possibility or alleged attempt by certain sections of traditional leaders to form their own political party. If true, such an action has a huge potential to erode the unity of the historically oppressed and replace it with a regressive movement back to the forms of tribal organisation that were defeated by colonisation.

The meeting called for serious political engagements with all the motive forces of the revolution severally and jointly with a view to unite and consolidate solidarity towards the objectives of a free, united, democratic, non-racial, non-sexist and prosperous South Africa.

We call for and support the need for vetting of leaders and a lifestyle audit prior to their elections underlying the significance of ethical leadership.

The state of Party districts

Working relations between the SACP and COSATU are satisfactory in all the districts. But the same cannot be said about the ANC, whose structures are de-focused, disintegrating, factionalised and consumed in leadership squabbles. The SACP will strengthen its work to improve relations with the ANC so as to safeguard both the ANC and the revolution.

Factional battles in the run-up to the regional conferences of the ANC, characterised by money peddling, exclusions and gate-keeping, are ragging on and a tactical and strategic intervention is needed in this regard. If left unabated, this will produce programmes and leadership structures that will undermine the ANC's capacity to provide leadership to the people in the province as it will inevitably culminate in total implosion of the ANC, an eventuality which will also result in ineffective government structures where capacity to serve the people will be seriously compromised.

The SACP will consult with formations of the Mass Democratic Movement with a view to work towards building a larger but quality Party and strengthening our resolve towards the successful implementation of the second radical phase of our democratic transition.

The PEC called on the ANC to make use of former combatants, among others, in political education to address political weaknesses in the organisation.

The forthcoming ANC PEC Lekgotla and later the State of the Province Address by the Premier must pay attention to issues of assets.

The PEC has directed districts to develop a specialised, focused campaigning and programmes informed by their respective economic, social and political contexts.

Issued by the SACP Limpopo PEC.

Kganyago Gilbert - Provincial Secretary
Mobile: 0826090551
Thobejane Machike - Spokesperson
Mobile: 082 307 0095

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