Tuesday, April 11, 2017

DPRK Representative Speaks at UN Disarmament Commission Meeting

A DPRK delegate made a speech at the 2017 Meeting of the United Nations Disarmament Commission on April 3.

Noting that instability and danger of nuclear war are ever-increasing worldwide due to the reckless nuclear force buildup of the US and nuclear weapons states are scaling up their nuclear strategic forces both in quantity and quality to cope with it, the delegate pointed out that any progress in the field of nuclear disarmament can never be expected unless anachronistic hegemonic scenario to steadily dominate the world by dint of strategic nuclear edge is terminated.

The overall and complete nuclear disarmament and the removal of constant threat to global peace and security are possible only when the US nuclear threat and military actions aimed at bringing down the independent countries by force are stopped, the delegate said, and went on:

Now the Korean peninsula has turned into the worst hot spot in the world, being exposed to the danger of a nuclear war.

The US, whenever it staged nuclear war drills in south Korea, termed the drills "annual" and "defensive" ones to cope with the DPRK's access to nukes. This is no more than an artifice to shift the blame for the tense situation on the peninsula onto the DPRK and justify their wild ambition for aggression.

The US is the arch criminal harassing peace and stability on the peninsula and in other parts of Northeast Asia only to escalate tensions as it is hell-bent on risky war rehearsals in south Korea which is little short of a nuclear arsenal.

It is an entirely just right to self-defence of a sovereign state to keep itself highly alert and bolster in every way its strong war deterrent capable of mercilessly wiping out the aggressors as required by the grim situation where an actual war may break out any moment.

It is thanks to the resolute will and efforts of the DPRK for peace and its tremendous nuclear deterrent for self-defence that peace has been preserved on the Korean peninsula despite the US imperialists' foolhardy moves for a nuclear war.

As long as the US and its vassal forces persistently pose nuclear threat and blackmail and continue the nuclear war racket masked as an annual one at the doorstep of the DPRK, the DPRK will as ever bolster up its capabilities for self-defence and preemptive attack with the nuclear force as a pivot.

Urging the Disarmament Commission to pay special attention to the acts of infringing upon sovereignty of other countries and bringing down their social systems being manifested in such forms as undisguised nuclear threat, war drills and sanctions and blockade, the delegate clarified the stand of the DPRK to support the activities of the non-aligned movement for overall and complete nuclear disarmament and make efforts to carry it out.


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