Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Exposure of Despicable Nature and Moral Vulgarity of S. Korean Conservative Group
The DPRK Measure Council for Human Rights in South Korea released a detailed report on April 17 to indict traitor Park Geun Hye and the puppet group of conservatives in south Korea for their despicable and sordid nature and moral vulgarity on the occasion of the 3rd anniversary of ferry Sewol sinking disaster.

The Sewol disaster was a hideous disaster produced by Park and the group of conservatives who had resorted to all sorts of evil doings, the detailed report said, citing facts.

Utterly shocking was the despicable act of the puppet group after the occurrence of the disaster and so disorderly was its counteraction, it said, adding:
Even though she was reported about the sinking of the ferry, Park called a hairdresser to the Blue House as scheduled and was so composed as to have her hair dressed in a back room. Only instruction she gave was to present a video footage covering the sinking so that she could size up the situation.

When the families of victims were wailing, the puppet group had a "souvenir" photo taken with the list of those missing in the background. They giggled, dining and wining at a restaurant and even recited a poem related to ferry "Sewol", tapping the table with chopsticks.

The ferry disaster was neither an accidental one nor natural disaster.

Disclosing the despicable act committed by Park and her group of conservatives to cover up the truth behind the murder, the detailed report said:

They brandished the bayonet of suppression, making every possible effort to prevent public opinion critical of their immoral and depraved acts from going afloat.

The puppet group let the paid media report about Park's "visit to scene" and "encouragement to rescue operation" and "consolation to families of those missing", to support her. They even painted an old lady as a family member of victim and took a photo of Park visiting an incense-burning center and "consoling" the lady before releasing it to the public.

Park made public a "talk to the people" in which she promised a probe into the truth behind the sinking, punishment of those responsible and institution of a special law for the ferry Sewol disaster.

But she made such sophistic words that "judgment for state affairs is also necessary even though business clarification is important", thus categorically denying the demand of the different public circle for the enactment of the special law related to the ferry Sewol disaster.

As a result, the special law was enacted after the lapse of six months since the disaster. But the nominal law could not properly probe the truth, to say nothing of doing anything for the punishment of those responsible for the disaster.

What is all the more shocking is that the puppet group set in motion the Association of Love for Park Geun Hye, the Oboi Association and other right-wing conservative gangsters to hold a rally insulting the families of victims demanding the probe into the truth as "traders of dead bodies".

Even today when she was thrown into a prison after being ousted from the Blue House, Park is trying to find a way out, flatly denying all the crimes including the Sewol sinking.

How desperately Park tried to bury into oblivion her acts during the seven-hour absence at the time of ferry sinking can be known clearly from the farce she staged by presenting a letter of contradictory answers by putting forward proxy lawyers even when her fate was at a stake following the disclosure of the hideous political scandal.

The conservative group is hampering the investigation into the truth by making the Ministry of Maritime and Fisheries carry out independent investigation into the Sewol that had been salvaged, while setting aside the Measure Committee for Victims, Missing Persons and Survivals from Sewol, thereby revealing their sinister intention to hamstring the efforts to probe the truth.

Now the conservative forces are setting afloat the rumour that credit for the salvage of the hull of Sewol goes to them and trumpeting about making public a white paper on it. But it decided not to specify the causes of the accident, sparking off the public denunciation that "half a white paper is not worth doing".

If thrice-cursed traitor Park and, her accomplice, the group of conservatives are left intact, more disasters like the Sewol will occur, killing south Koreans en masse.

No matter how desperately Park and her group of conservatives may try, they can never get rid of the responsibility for Sewol, and the matchless murderers behind the hideous disaster can never escape a stern punishment.


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