Friday, April 14, 2017

South Koreans Only Will Fall Victim to THAAD
The south Korean puppet regime is pressing ahead with deployment of THAAD despite the strong protest of the public at home and abroad.

Recently, Hwang Kyo An, acting president of south Korea, Han Min Gu, minister of Defence, and Yun Pyong Se, minister of Foreign Affairs, termed the deployment a "step taken to cope with the missile threat from the north" and "due exercise of right." They blustered that they remain unchanged in their principal stand to deploy THAAD quickly in accordance with the south Korea-US agreement.

Gangsters of the south Korean puppet military, crying out for rounding off the deployment within months, mobilized even copters to carry soil-analysis equipment for THAAD deployment to the Songju Golf Links at last as land transport was blocked by the massive resistance of the inhabitants in Songju County.

This is just a hideous crime against the nation aimed to render the deployment of THAAD irreversible and make the new regime of south Korea pursue the confrontation policy and sycophancy toward the US like traitor Park Geun Hye.

THAAD deployment is a treacherous act of sacrificing the vital rights and destiny of the south Korean people for the US domination strategy.

South Korea, which turned into the frontline base and nuclear outpost for the US in carrying out its strategy for dominating Asia-Pacific, has become a primary target of strike by the neighbouring countries due to the THAAD deployment, whereby the south Korean people cannot but fall victim to it.

Whereas many countries in the world are involved in a fierce scramble to preserve their sovereignty and their national interests, the south Korean puppet regime is playing the role of a death merchant, offering its land to outsiders.

While asking the US to get China to lift its retaliatory step, the puppet regime has gone so foolish as to bluff that they would take a "countermeasure" against China's backlash, only to precipitate its self-destruction.

In case the puppet regime has THAAD deployed in south Korea at last, south Korea cannot but become a target of direct strikes by the neighbouring countries determined never to overlook the US military edge.

The puppet regime is, in actuality, suffering a lot from the political and economic retaliatory steps taken by the neighbouring countries, the levels of which are getting stronger day by day.

To prove it, the neighbouring countries are repeatedly serving meaningful warnings of physical counteractions.

"South Korea should not harbour illusion that China would keep mum about the issue of THAAD. South Korea will have to bleed at last for thrusting its head into a muzzle." Such warnings are by no means fortuitous.

The puppet regime is in a position to bear a fabulous amount of money for the deployment and operation of THAAD. This means that the puppet regime has to use the money collected from the south Korean people as taxes. It will plunge the already crippled south Korean economy and people's living into a deeper quagmire.

The conservative forces are a source of trouble that should be thrown overboard together with traitor Park Geun Hye.


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