Friday, May 19, 2017

Essential Features of Socialist Politics
First, the socialist politics of the DPRK guarantees the people’s position as masters of the state and society and enables them to fulfil their role as such. This is expressed in the fact that the Workers’ Party of Korea and the government of the DPRK set it as the supreme principle of their activities to strive for the promotion of the people’s well-being, ensure them genuine freedom and rights, and provide them with an affluent and civilized life.

Second, the socialist politics is based on the solid political and ideological unity of the whole society. It is an important feature of the socialist society of the DPRK that all the service personnel and people are united with a single mind behind the WPK and the leader organizationally and ideologically and in moral obligation.

Third, the socialist politics is administered under the unified leadership of the leader through a people-oriented political system and method that conform to the aspirations and interests of the masses. It is also based on the trust in and affection for the people and effectuated through an integral system of political modes and methods for embodying them. That is why it provides a substantial guarantee for the people to occupy the position of masters of the state and society and fulfil their role as such.

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