Monday, May 15, 2017

Former Army Chief Says No Personal Grudge With South Sudan President
May 15, 2017 (JUBA) – On Monday, General Paul Malong Awan, the former Chief of General Staff of Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) said he had no personal vendetta against President Salva Kiir.

General Awan said his departure from Juba was misinterpreted and was the reason he decided to return to Juba to avoid more confusion and any political altercations.

"I told the President when he used to call and talk to me while in Yirol, that I was just going home because I did not want my relief to be misunderstood and to cause more confusion," he said.

"I left because I thought it was the best way to manage the situation, people decided to say something different, others even speculated that I had a problem with the President,” he added.

He continued to emphasise that he had no problems with the President Kiir.

Awan’s decision to return to Juba was in compliance with the call made by the President and the community leaders.

“When I returned, it was because I wanted to put to rest the confusion, so I decided to come back and listen to why I am needed,” he said.

General Awan reiterated that he has no intentions of rebelling, adding that if he did he would have fought in Juba after he was removed from his position.

"I said already that If I wanted to rebel, I would have rebelled here (Juba), I had guns here and these soldiers do not belong to anybody. If I was about to fight, I would have fought here," he said.

He further reiterated that he will seek permission to return to his home State.


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